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  1. Help fix ns.com.com from death!

    this! I've moved onto performance forum and that place is a free for all and its booming Kempton is still alive!!!
  2. Help fix ns.com.com from death!

    Exactly, might as well shut this place down lozton, place is dead. RIP
  3. MMA chat

  4. MMA chat

    TUF nations is boring as f**k, I don't follow the local scene but I can only assume Australia doesn't really have the depth to fill a TUF cast - last season, this season or anymore to come. Can't believe women are headlining (I can but don't want to) its like puppies fighting kittens, even worse than those flyweight midgets going at it. Too many fighters, fighting safe. Everyone is to afraid to lose and it shows in boring points fighting. Just bleed crew checking in.
  5. Supplement Reviews

    ahh yes, can't believe I didn't join the dots - a fallout from the dmaa knee jerk reaction :'( For now I will just hit up no doz or bring an empty bottle as you mentioned. cheers
  6. Supplement Reviews

    Sorry to bump such an old thread (especially such a useless one) but does anyone know which caps npr is talking about. I can't tell which ones he is talking about on the Bulk Nutrients site. I don't think they are particularly common, but I am after a pre-workout supplement in capsule/pill form (doesn't have to be from BN). Not a test booster or anything, just a wake me up for the odd times I'm feeling flat. Something with stimulants / caffeine etc. Would be really convenient to have capsules in stead of carrying around a tub and shaker. cheers
  7. The general public always seems to have a strong misunderstanding of the difference between gross sales and net profit.
  8. One for the white man

    Despite the amount of support it would have Australia has been castrated by political correctness, would never happen.
  9. MMA chat

    A bit disappointed that Weidman didn't get the finish with Anderson in the first especially since he was so close to doing so. He was clearly winning but now the Silva nut huggers have an excuse. As good and as gifted as someone can be fighting skills such as speed and the ability to take a punch diminish with age and experience. As good as Silva was/is (potentially the best striker in MMA) I feel like a lot of his competitors came in psyched out or with the wrong game plan. With Anderson's injury and GSP and Fedors retirement it signals an end of an era. I don't know why Meisha kept going for the take down, she was consistently reversed immediately . As good as the fight was I don't think i will ever be a fan of women's MMA, or women's sport in general.
  10. MMA chat

    I always thought DC had a lot of potential purely from his pedigree - Olympic level wrestler. Would have to be tough as nails to get to that level, proper insane. I really would have liked him to see him fight JDS before going down to LHW. I dont see him beating Cain though, not that they would ever fight. I gave JDS the slight edge going into the rematch with Cain but could easily see it going either way. JDS seemed too focused on the KO and didnt have much of a plan B. Now he will be in the heavyweight wilderness, would have to win a lot more fights to get another shot at the title, unless Cain loses it. All credit to Cain though he is so aggressive and relentless, with so much heart. Most other fighters probably wouldnt have recovered from that flash KO in the first. He really is a level above, very smart fighter with a complete skill set. Anyone watch TUF anymore? I didn't realise Rhonda was such an emotional little bitch. Women fights were more bearable than i expected. That Roxanne chick was really likeable.
  11. MMA chat

    I was really looking forward to Mir vs Barnet too. Though i did have concerns they would both look old. I rate Barnetts striking slightly above Mir so I think he had the advantage anyway. I couldn't see Mir doing much more after he got dropped. It will be interesting to see where Barnett fits into the UFC roster. Browne was a bad fight for Reem imo. They were trying to give Reem a gimme tuneup fight but Brownes KO ability was too much of a risk. Also it looks bad for him to lose against a relative no name. Mir is a better idea, bigger name, average striking... Interesting how fighters can be successful at different weight classes. I say begone with a thousand different weight classes, just have three. Little *milkshakes*, regular *milkshakes* and big *milkshakes*. Sure less meaningless belts to fight for, but a lot more exciting match ups. Pride had the right idea.
  12. tax times fun times

    This relates to Australian taxpayers how? Looks like we have a scholar among us, Harvard psychology? People who hate the rich don't aspire to be rich themselves... da faq get off your ass and go get it.
  13. tax times fun times

    I'd kill for a six figure salary. Click your fingers and i'd fkn spin on my head if you want. Boo hoo you have to pay some tax, rich people problems...