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  1. New SA spotlight laws?

    i've heard a few different reasons for this law, including different reasons from 2 different cops.. from what i can gather, the law is you can only have 6 forward facing lights, including your headlights and you can not have more spotlights than headlights. the lights must be within a certain distance from the headlight line, they can be higher, like mounting them on a bullbar, but not obstruct your forward vision. trucks can get away with them on the roof if they are 'cab over' because the lights are within the minium distance from the original headlights. so basically if you have a 4x4 L300, then you can mount spotlights on your roof, otherwise the cops will do you. and the reason for the crackdown is because of all the country dudes with the rows of spotties on their utes roofs, some idiot law maker believes that having lights on the roof of a ute will confuse other drivers as to where the front of the car is when looking from the sides... and they may crash into the front thinking they have clearance... i'm not making this up...
  2. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    did the Boarder Track run again last weekend. even after the warm weather there's still plenty of deep mud at the end, although noware near as much mud as last year.. usually we drive straight to Pinnaroo to do the B/T but this time we started at Tintanara and went through the Mt Rescue park to Lamaroo, then on to Pinnaroo the start of the B/T. this gave us an extra half a day of hill climbs and sand to get through first... although it's noware near as soft as the B/T...
  3. 80 Series Landcruiser

    Have a 80 series in the house hold. does around 18lts highway, 25lts around town to the 100km. so factor in a gas conversion. The diff locks make a massive diffidence but as said, most is just a center diff lock. not F and R, the car will go through anything with them on if you fit manual locking front hubs so you can dissconect the drive from the front wheels you'll pick up a bit better mileage. although i gotta say 25 litres per 100 in the city is lousy... even worse than a 4.8 petrol GU.. even my 5.6litre V8 Scout gets 17 litres per 100 in the city.
  4. Need some advice on Pajero's

    Pajero's are really good for this, the independant front makes them drive nicely at speed and they have good brakes and steering too. plus they have auto locking hubs and you can change into 4wd mode at speed too if you do go offroading.
  5. Install diff under leaf springs

    the hiluxs have diff under leafs standard, and the early ones have both front and back under.. you'd gain 2"-3" of lift doing this but then you'd want to use a much flatter arched leaf to maintain some stabillity. really its easier to just get your leaves re-arched for more lift and use extended shackles or if your keen on some major mods then convert to coil springs. i think some model Chevy Blazers or Silverados are axle under leafs too.
  6. international Scout 2

    had a pair of these exhausts laying around for a few years, sort of work as side bars/steps. not sure how loud they'd be though... or how long they'd last also finally bought a matching pair of mirrors too... it's only been about 18 months since i smashed one off in the quarry
  7. Farmers Union Iced Coffee

    Umm, it does actually. It says, "Contains Coffee which contains caffeine" or something like that. The print is just smaller than it used to be. i saw a 600mm carton today and it does have this... but strange the 2litre doesn't. but i really dont like the taste anymore, even buying 2litres of full cream milk and mixing half a dozen tea spoons of instant coffee tastes better (add sugar to suit individual taste)
  8. international Scout 2

    thanks, next is work out what bar work to use...
  9. To keep or sell (4x4)

    i know a couple of guys with very late model GU's, 4.8 petrol and 3.0 TD (after 2005 model). they all rave how good the GU's are but problem is now neither wants to risk even scratching them
  10. international Scout 2

    ok.. after a few mods to the first scoop, i made a new mold and finally got it finished have a few things to modify around the carb yet, but hopefully this will let the cool air in and keep the water away. the idea is to stop water splashing up from underneath and from the wheels from soaking the air filter. i thought of fitting a snorkel but i thought i'd try this out..
  11. i think you'd need a bigger platform than just motorsports to get enough votes, there was some guys in the last state election and they didn't make it. the press will just slagg you off and not give you any opportunity to respond to them. better to support an existing party like the 'fishers and shooters', they did fairly well here last time, i think they were in the running for a sennate seat in NSW just recently?
  12. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    ended up spending the arvo chopping wood... did i miss any action on the hill?
  13. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    if anyone's going to clay hill sunday, then post up here in the morning.. i've got to go out first thing but should be back around lunch so will check to see.
  14. Farmers Union Iced Coffee

    i dont like the taste of FUIC since they took the coffee out and replaced it with some artifical coffee type flavor. i buy the Fleurieu IC, it even has a warning "this drink contains Caffeine" which is strangly missing from FUIC recently. (all drinks containing coffee/caffeine are required to have this)
  15. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    anyone's going out wheeling this sunday? how about a run up clay hill around lunch?