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  1. COD: Black Ops 2

    FKN this! I was awesome at the other games, but this game doesn't make any sense. I put full clips into people that dont die, yet I die with 1 shot to the foot? I also think the maps are getting too big, go back to MW2 style, simple yet effective. Also, bitches seem to come from behind corners already shooting, as though they have x ray vision Fark this game.
  2. Thread revival, too funny. I was 18, she was 17, we were getting closer and closer, chatting on MSN etc. She started to come for drives, I went back to her place to watch scrubs on her bed, fell asleep and kicked myself about it!!! Promised myself if I ever got into the same situation again I wouldn't waste it. True enough she came on another drive in the hills (just us) and we went back to her house to watch more scrubs on her bed. She turned the TV off and got into bed, I made the move. Moved over and started kissing her, she pounced! It was okay, I felt like king shit the next day, Casanova haha. Also, all you guys having sex at 11-14, what's the go with that? Was it purely because the opportunity was there or do you think your parents did a sub-par job through your formative years? Curious.
  3. things that annoy you

    I was having dinner with the gf Saturday night in Rosalie when a fkn beautiful blue laurel goes past. I admired it and went back to my meal to overhear a man in front of us say "I fkn death stared him, if he comes back I'm going to be so mad" My gf and I laughed at him. People can be so petty, 2sec of noise and he was gone. Tldr? Petty bitches.
  4. How much Electricity do you use?

    Household of five. Three fridges, flat screens and tonnes of stuff going Last bill was around $480. I think it's pretty good for how much power we use in a 4 bedder
  5. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Question Can anyone recommend someone to help build a custom setup? Im considering picking up a bare 3ft tank but I will need overflows installed, sumps built etc Rough prices would be good so I don't get ripped, thanks Ps I'm in Brisbane
  6. daily/run around car reccomendations!

    Nissan tiida. Averaging 500-600kms to a tank
  7. Where to pick up a guard roller in brissie

    Just had a quick look through their inventory. Can't seem to find one
  8. Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone has bought a guard roller direct? I have contacted supercheap, bursons with no sucess. Im on the northside.
  9. things that annoy you

    ^^ When you finish your G/F's last batch of designer cupcakes :'(
  10. things that annoy you

    Cats. GF just bought a cat and wants to keep the damn thing in our room at night. First of all, animals are meant to live outside. Second - The f**ker kept me up all night!!
  11. Hi Guys, I am unfortunately unable to store my most precious possession at my home. I have been looking around at storage companies such as Fort Knox and the like to store my R33 Skyline. I can easily get a quote off any one of these companies but would like to hear from those of you who have had experience with car storage. The storage space will be used as a second garage so the car won't be 'stored' pers'e, more-so just kept out of the elements while worked on here and there. My major two concerns are: -SECURITY -ACCESS -Ideally 24hr Can anyone recommend a good company and let me know about your experiences. If you have had a bad experience, please let me know who to steer clear of. Ideally the storage area will need to be about a 30min drive from the Brisbane City.
  12. things that annoy you

    Having hooping cough and being stuck at home!!1 I dont know how the unemployed do it, im so boooorreedddd, already serviced both cars and the bikes!!
  13. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Basically you can keep any schooling fish you want in large numbers. Neons, white clouds and even guppies. I would say the max would be 1-2 catfish, and maybe 2-3 Cilchids at a stretch. Just because you see X type of fish kept in the small display tanks in a shop doesnt mean that you can keep them in something roughly the same size. Its almost cruel to have 30+ Cilchids in those display tanks.
  14. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Watch out for that Electric Yellow bro, make sure you have another 2 to keep them in check. They grow very large, and become quite aggressive (ignore online info, its BS). Mine constantly chases the female, has killed 6 of my 11 white clouds and has killed 2 of my bronze catfish. Because the catfish were bottom feeders and slower, he would pick out their eyes, i had to mercy kill them.
  15. things that annoy you

    When youtube videos take forever to load, but the commercial will load in 2 secs