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  1. post pics of her or you are lying
  2. FUKN HELL you are an ugly bloke with ugly hair you braught this upon urself by posting ur pic up haha
  3. Injector cleaning and repairs

    how much is it to get them cleaned? i might need to do that too
  4. never really had insurance lol
  5. Another Carsales / Ebay Scam.

    Lol that's gold just read the whole thing.. provided the LOLs but now its fvkn 5am and need to wake up in 45 mins DOH lol
  6. VicDrift Practice Day - December 2010

    avoid bindint: cut ur guard
  7. Honestly WTF!

    ITS THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. University questions

    you can do a course called "foundation studies" at footscray park VU http://www.vu.edu.au/courses/foundation-studies-jcfs-cricos-code-042597g and then transfer across to st.albans VU http://www.vu.edu.au/courses/bachelor-of-health-science-paramedic-hbpx there are contacts in those links i know many people who have done foundations studies and have goten into a variety of courses.
  9. victim of a hit and run

    contact insurance anonymously and tell them the situation and see if they will help if they will then register if that fails then hook up with someone at vicroads get them to get u the address visit with bat win
  10. Got caught with a radar detector

    NS advice: death sentence man, DEFINATELY death sentence......
  11. Question about a speeding fine....

    depends on the judge /thread
  12. Question about a speeding fine....

    mate went to court to object his speeding but judge was not budging and he copped it as he is not a cop and the cop's words stood and he lost his license p.s. he had a clean record. not even a speeding fine before that
  13. Travel agent

    i want to know the tricks to get free business class upgrade oh and wen are cheap times to travel and tricks etc etc
  14. bad news

    yet another RETARD close thread