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  1. That new cat you put in could be very restrictive. I have had many cars with same problem, collapsed cat cause blockage which makes the problem you describe.
  2. https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/320869_10150435991989392_648679391_10966549_3993493_n.jpg thats with the knuckles fitted first day, been adjusted since
  3. mine is a s14, its only as low as the front tyre top is level with the guard at 4.5 camber, and the rear is tucking some tyre, perfect height
  4. mine fit fine, although i did have to grind the front coilover a few mm to clear the clevis on the knuckle. rears bolted straight in, just wound the base of the coilover down the appropriate amount.
  5. ****TASMANIAN TRADERS********

    http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=510185 Huge sale
  6. Urgent help required, please refer to this link for details. Needed this Sat hence link to WTB ad for S14A front bumper bar! http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=502698 *inb4rules, read them and had a consultation and this is 'legal'*
  7. Dave.TAS should read the rules.
  8. Boost automotive is one place the race oriented guys in Launy go
  9. rack conversion

    Or the combo u could try is r31 inner with s12 gazelle or 910 bluebird outer
  10. rack conversion

    Why not put an s13 rack in it? Much better bit of gear, none of the problems associated with the r31 rack
  11. pull the suspect coil over out, feel for looseness/movement in the top hat. hit the top shock bolt which secures the shaft to the top hat mount with rattle gun. observe for any wetness/oil leaks on the shock body or shaft. make sure the spring is seated and not able to jump around too much if it has leaks or movement throw it away/sell it cheaply for someones r31 or corrola and come see me for new ones :)cost of repairing old coilovers outweighs cost of buying new ones, plus most places only put crap inserts in them which will be dead within a few weeks/months and still charge a fortune + wont be adjustable usually. unless u have coilovers retailing for over 2grand dont rebuild.
  12. Fenix radiators

    for what its worth take a look at the koyo rads being advertised on here for 550 and then look at the asi rads on ebay for 180-200, let me know if u can tell the difference. asi is perfect, youll get teh rad within 3 days theyre all in melbourne and ive never had any leak crack or anything. longest one ive used is 3 years, that was in 3 cars and outlived 5 engines, ive used about 20 in that time in various cars, none have ever had a problem.
  13. Fenix radiators

    should have actually taken my advice and purchased from ASI PERFORMANCE like i said and saved yourself 50-80 dollers
  14. Fenix radiators

    theyre rebranded asi ones, asi have been around a long time, are cheapest, and have excellent service and warranty, have used 20 in different cars without failure, wouldnt buy anything else. ASI performance
  15. Hey guys need a s14 drivers side rear Knuckle and driveshaft ASAP for our drift car from tassie so we can bust a skid after our rear knuckle broke. Phone or text please ASAP 0459 240 244