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  1. *awaits the ns.com JDM police* lots of nice rides in here .. LOTS ! then there are the rest ! anyway here are some more photos ... TN .. where's your car at ! PHOTOS PLEASE !

    you would think after years of making those claims and them not actually happening you would wait untill you are actually sitting in your car at the track in the staging area before even uttering the words "im going to drift" Yeh you can go out and show us your skillzzzz to killzzzzz bro. HAHAHAHAHAH last time i heard u were telling ppl you were linking up cork screw. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM rightio brenton .. stop being a sheep ! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH ... i'm sick of ur e-warrior comments ! i might even bring the s15 out for a lil thrash ... sounds like fun ! is there a class below beginners ????? are the walls close ? or is it completely open so i can't hit shit !
  3. Autosalon 07 Sneak Peak

    thanks BillyE, MugesR34 and bum_spec ... Adam worked hard on Friday night trying to get the wheels to sit right (after many times of me screaming FK IT .. just leave it) but eventually it came together, just wish i could drive it like that daily.... just a lil impractical. THANKYOU BUBZ ! u do a lot for me ! as for benny's comment "Style is about the right choice of parts coming together to create something special. Everyone needs to get over this JDM BS. I can't stand it. Do things for yourself, but show good taste with whatever you do." i could agree more it's not about only one style ie: An s15 can look hot in many differnt ways ....... bling / pimp / jap / clean / drift ... whatever .. Do what you like .... not what the current NS flavor is that week.
  4. Autosalon 07 Sneak Peak

    no one has mentioned one of the cleanest street cars there .. the burgundy s13 with the angel head lights with no surrounds and tuff as nails offset, perfect height, no kit (pity about the interior, sorry not a fan) Loved the overall package thou .. Loved karim's roof congrats to all involved .. was a good weekend !
  5. HELP With Stickers,

    thanks for being a pal brenton and pointing this out ... didn't realize when i was putting it on that i had one made back to front .. ! as for the comment ... watch out .. they might getting angry .. quit stirring shit !
  6. Wheels that i like

    sorry to hog your thread .. but whilst just looking at origin stuff on yahoo auctions i found these, not sure who they are made by but might be worth a look also something different .. origin have released some wheels a few months ago .. not to Australia yet thou .. so would need to order from japan .. (different style thou)
  7. Wheels that i like

    Sparco make something similar .. a lil nicer thou called Viper-R
  8. Police to raise yearly quota

    hahaha same here !
  9. Police to raise yearly quota

    i'll just book a regency inspection now ! *sigh*
  10. Update on Stolen Nissan's

    seems as tho these guys may have been responsible for eyeing off my car to steal .. then getting disturbed .. then later attempting to steal a 324door at my work ! glad they have been caught
  11. s15 dash display

    anyone acutally done this ? d
  12. hey all, has anyone changed the lights on the s15 dash ? has anyone done this ? experiences ? problems ? tips ? don't really like the idea of the sleves that go over globes as they fade d
  13. oil filter relocator kits

    no... obviously a full relocator kit... sandwich block where the oil filter normally goes and braided lines to the other sandwich block where the filter is relocated to...
  14. a friend wants to put an RB20 one onto his SR20... several people have said they will fit... is this true?
  15. s15 tail light conversion

    so doing this, this weekend i hope ..