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  1. Finally selling up!

    Nah.... its gotta go guys , Its impossible to keep clean as its Black and the paint is buggered now from the sun too so that will have to be sorted before sale too,GRRRR!. No replacement motor ,Ive made up my mind it has to get out of my life, even after I get the paintjob done ( cheap as I can!) I reckon it will only get me back 5 to 6K . I'm going WRX now, ive wanted one for a long,long time
  2. I'd just like to thank all the guys on here who have tried to help me sort out the bad missfire and bogging down when hot problem with my 180SX for the last 4 years!. Ive now came to my senses and given up wasting more time and money on this cursed car!, I just can't do this anymore I've been looking at cars for the last 5 weeks and the 180SX will be sold off, its really quite sad that I couldnt sort the problem as I love the shape of the 180sx more than anything plus the handling and superb fuel economy . The fact that it still isnt running right and the biggie= replacing tyres ever year( hard compound ones too!) . Ive probably driven most members insane with my hundreds of threads on this damn car but was DESPERATE to fix it..... if myself and 5 turner/ workshops cant find the cause then it has no chance of running right. Thanks again guys and take care...................Scotty PS : A HUGE thanks to Taark for the many,many parts I bought at a much discounted price
  3. swapping 180sx door internals

    Sounds like too much trouble chaps and lord knows I'm not a very patient man!,I'll have to pay the money and get it painted
  4. My 180 has allways had rippled paint on the passenger door from the previous owner I suspect?, I can get a door shell locally and very cheap, how hard is it to take out all my door internals and install them into another door shell then try fit up the door onto my car. I cant find out any into on doing this anywhere??,if its going to be a real finicky headache of a job I wont attempt it and just get my door stripped back and painted though this will cost me much more
  5. Today at work I was out and about and got a call from the office guy that my brake lights were on, by the time I got back my battery was dead!!?. I had a look at what was going on and theres a poxy little rubber grommet that sits in the top of the brake pedal,this rubber grommet pushes on the brake light contact switch (in the rested position) if its not there then the contact switch is extended and the brake light constantly on. For now I had to charge up the battery again and put a bolt and nut through the Pedal hole, but I'd rather put the proper rubber grommet back in there= does anyone have a part number for this damn thing??? ive not been able to find out the number. Uopon googling about this it seems a very common problem to happen, the grommets just fall apart over time.......
  6. As per my other recent thread on here, http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=530068 it seems ive been driving about with the ECU in Diagnostoc mode!( both my ECU's were!) so we changed that back to normal and it now boosts through the full rev range instead of bogging its ass just before boost and right through!. Odd thing is if its a warm- ish day and I boost it about ,it still gets that unresponsive and highly doughy acceleration after about 15 mins,I thought it was retarding timing as per Nissan Programing on the ecu but whenever I check that with consult and laptop the timing is not showing its been restarded. So I dunno what the deal is there still?,I think only POWER FC will fix it completely but overall compared to what it was like before Its like driving a different car!!( sepecially in the mornings when its cooler)....
  7. The 180 has recently developed a problem where the left light doesnt want to pop up and you have to keep turning the light switch numerous times before it will pop up??. It doesnt do this all the time either but is pretty frequent, is this likely to be some sort of electical fault or mechanical??
  8. Diagnostic mode on stock ecu

    I let the local Nissan Whiz guy do it,I think he just turned the little screw on the ECU fully the other way,I had it turned the wrong way!?. My battery is nothing special,its really quite small as well ,its just an EXIDE 40C http://www.exide.com...d/endurance/40c it was the only battery I could find that would fit in the 180SX next to the GKTECH Cooler Pipe. I bought it back on 17/ 10/08 !
  9. Diagnostic mode on stock ecu

    Hey guys, when we tested the power going to the Coilpacks ( with a Multimeter) it was showing 12.6 volts) and the battery was showing 13.5 volts, this was the car not running. Is this slightly lower reading to the coil packs liable to cause any lower performance issues??, Coil pack Harness is brand new and earth is clean so dunno why its lower.....
  10. Diagnostic mode on stock ecu

    It drives HEAPS better but still not 100%,sometimes it boosts much harder than other times? and still missfires.
  11. Diagnostic mode on stock ecu

    Well yes but also feel retarded,cause it was something that never crossed my mind,both my ECU's performed with the same symptoms( my chipped one and fully stock one) and looks like both were in Diagnostic mode!. For once it actually boosts up correctly! but still feels slightly held back,I need to test further and report back,we popped in some Iridium Plugs the guy had and are still in there now,I'll try my copper plugs again and see if it changes performance?
  12. As many know,for YEARS ive tried to get my car to run right and even 4-5 jap tuners could not fix the 180 as it had TERRIBLE flat spots,miffire,bogging down. I went to somewhat of a Jap car whiz today who lives near me and specialises in 300ZX's ,I was there for hours and we did a compression test = 2 pots were 150 and other 2 were 145,Leakdown test done too = all good. at one point in the day he grabbed another ECU ( stock) , mine is chipped ,we then fitted his ECU and took the car out for a spin and it now boosted all through the rev range for once!!!! and pulled hard like never before. We get back to his place and check my ECU and ive left it in " DIAGNOSTIC MODE!" ,he says left like that it alters certain operations in the ECU and I am now wondering if this is correct and has been the trouble all along?. So is this correct that if your driving about and the ECU is left in Diagnostic Mode that the car will not function correctly?,it still has a bit of missfire but the guy seems to think its nothing to worry about??,all in all it now drives like it never has before......
  13. Sounds like the EXACT same problem my 180 has had for over 3 years!, Ive given up and just put up with it now, though I'll be watching this thread to see how you go.......
  14. I had read elsewhere that all the PSI PARTS gear is like that ( none of it fits) thing is theres numerous other sellers on ebay and such selling the same gear that PSI sells! so its impossible to know if your buying carbon parts that will actually fit or shonky Psi Parts??.