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  1. HI Guys, My Silvia was stolen after having 15k work done on it. Absolutely pissed.(CHASERS East (Manny) and West) did an awesome job on it. The Car was taken from a underground garage at my flats just behind Doncaster Westfield. Its bright yellow with a black hood. Can't miss it! REG: YKS 372 VIN: 6T91MPV97K2VRA001 Any help is greatly appreciated. Matt Cantlon mattcantlon@hotmail.com 0416 458 589 Constable Keans (Doncaster Police) Phone: (03) 88413999 Cash Reward for successful (anonymous) tip off and recovery of car.
  2. Australias Best S13

    does nigel have a website? or pics? members will part with their pride and joy once the start a family or the neccesity for cash i can wait LOL 100% quasi legal, just no defect sticker if i drive to the GOR
  3. Australias Best S13

    Is their a number 1 s13 out there(AUS)? Who owns it? Is it for sale? I've checked most online sources and the best i have seen is only 20k! The Silvia i'm looking for is pushed to the limit but legal, can't be uprgraded as it state of the art, as if brand new, has professional recognition AKA magasine coverage (Fast Fours etc) for around 35k. Might aswell have a unique s13 for 35 than another skyline on the road for same price. Any Help appreciated Matt3d
  4. Spent the last week on this!! Check it out!!! Constructive criticism welcome also non-constructive criticism is optional Cheers mattcantlon@hotmail.com 3DS MAX PHOTOSHOP MULTIMEDIA http://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Artists/Mattcantlon
  5. my japan pics

    Ahhhhh!!!! f**k i love this. What a great life experience! GOnna go watch AKIRA and Ghost in the Shell. Someone please go take vid of the famous garages Signal etc.. Matt
  6. Hey peeps just to let you know i have some 3d work for sale!!!!!
  7. Stolen Car

    Smokey have put in 2 reports and not a single call back. If you see this car with rego RYA390 email me asap, the car is pretty hard to miss, thankyou. mattcantlon@hotmail.com
  8. Has anyone here used Legal Aid in Court?

    Turn up 1 hr early at front desk and ask for legal aid, you don't want to do it by yourself. You wait for legal aid and explain your situation and they represent you. Court is pretty daunting so get the legal aid as judges have little time for fuss. matty
  9. Stolen Car

    few weeks ago in ballarat area. Cops on the job but have much to be desired of their performance
  10. Stolen Car

    Hey people, I lost my ride and very anxious to get it back! Can you please keep a heads up for this number plate RYA390 Red nissan silvia 94 Any help greatly appreciated ! Matt email: mattcantlon@hotmail.com http://members.westnet.com.au/matt3d/Matty'sSilvia.jpg

    I feel so embaressed, Turns out car was reposed due to my late fathers non payments. Hard too do when he Is dead, must have sliped through all the other paper work. SORRY guys Thanks for all your help!!!

    180 Go Drift how did it get stolen?...from where? Next day wasn't there..... Fitzroy: Crn Hanover & Nicholson did she leave the keys in the car?..they come factory with ignition imobilizers and an alarm dont they? No keys left in car....ignition imobilizers and an alarm....yeah cops said the same, impossible too steal? did she have insurence? Insurance will ask her, she inheredit it as my dad past away earlier this yr Eliza Anything distinctive about the car ? Metalic silver paint.... some rear bumps and scuffs maybe? Thanks everyone!!! glad there are some good people in the world!!! Matt

    So benrys who do you trust for insurance?

    thankyou carazy 180 if you need any help just ask me? ok