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  1. Coffee

    Well brewed black coffee with no sugar or milk is the ducks nuts. Get on it.
  2. What do you guys eat?

    This is my daily diet at the moment. Aiming for 7% bodyfat currently 103kg 8% bodyfat. 3500 calories 50/30/20 pro/carbs/fats 1kg chicken 250g steak 250g rice 100g oats 400g green veggies 2 eggs 140g whey protein 6 fish oil tabs
  3. Home brand oats Woolworths generic basmati rice home brand soda water frozen berries Soda water Coke Zero tupperware when its on special Thats about all I buy from the supermarket, the rest is fresh from proper food markets.
  4. Misc

    Waste of space.
  5. Supplement Reviews

    You're honestly wasting your money on the majority of these supplements. They are just expensive stimulants, and are all pretty much the same. I keep a tub of the Bulk Nurtrient pre workout caps in my bag and down them only if I'm feeling really flat, the caffeine and B vitamins do give a good energy boost. At $39 bucks for 120 tabs they will last me 6 months.
  6. Post your height & weight

    Bullshit. Drink 3 litres of full cream milk a day on top of your normal meals per day. Then do the 'super squats' program. Look for it on google.
  7. Getting back into fitness!

    Forget cardio only, you'll lose as much money as fat. BAD IDEA search for PTC beginners program, do it 3 times a week 4-6 small meals per day, protein source (chicken, tuna, beef, etc) and either salad or veggies each meal. Some oats in the morning. Drop the booze, junk food and processed shit. Do cardio occasionally if you want to.
  8. Lower back hurst after squats

    Post up a video from the side of your squatting. You'll probably be using poor form.
  9. any original ns.coms still here?

    I had another username back then but I remember the old meets at Megamart near chaddy. Back when i had an S15 and weighed about 78kg!
  10. Goals This Year

    Back from injuries and new job irritaions. Looking to post some decent number in powerlifting this year. Hoping for a 230kg+ raw squat, 250kg with knee wraps. 150kg paused bench in a comp 300kg deadlift at the CAPO comp in December.
  11. Post your height & weight

    6" 1' 108kg naked in the morning after a piss
  12. BodyShape!

    Get your diet right. Minimum 2 grams of protein per kg of bodyweight per day, ideally 3-4. 5-6 smalls meals per day, veggies or salad in each meal, also some natural carbs like sweet potato, some pasta or something. Train basic compound movements. Squat, Bench press, deadlift, rows, dips, chins.
  13. So i decided to lean a bit..

    Give more attention to your legs and back. You clearly work chest/arms/shoulders a lot. You can already see your shoulders are starting to round forward. You're going well, but correct your imbalances or you'll get injuries, not be mention look stupid with big arms/chest bu no back or legs.
  14. leg routine

    squat - heavy 5's front squat - heavy 3's good mornings - 6-8's not too heavy, feel the pull in your hammies. All you need.
  15. 1. Get a physio who has a clue. If the dont lift weights dont use them. 2. Find out exactly what is wrong with your back. A detailed description of the injury. 3. Learn how to squat and deadlift properly and do both often. 4. If you cant squat or dead properly do mobility work until you can. I've done my back a few times and have a few compressed discs and pinched nerves. Sitting on the couch doing nothing is honestly the worst thing for it. My back feels at its abosolute best about 9pm on a friday after heavy deadlifts, good mornings and reverse hypers.
  16. So i decided to lean a bit..

    Almost 100kg ripped at 20yo without drugs. Nice effort.
  17. preworkout

    Forget pre worout supps, they are just a band aid. Just get enough food throughout the day and you be fine. And the OP "does it unblock arteries and stuff" WTF?
  18. Shoulder hunch

    Band pull aparts. Get use to setting your shoulder blades on every lift.
  19. Shoulder bursitis

    You need to work out whats causing the bursa to be inflamed. Probably shitty bench technique and lack of balance in your shoulders. Its quite common and something i'm overcoming myself now. Go see a good sports physio asap.
  20. Bench vs Bent rows

    Should be about even
  21. Thought it was about time for a training log and some background on me. Age - 22 Weight - 100kg Height - 6"1.5' Bench - 115kg Deadlift - 201kg Squat - Never done 1RM but have done a 145kg Box squat (33cm). Military Press - Never done 1rm but can rep 70kg 3 or 4 times Chins - 15 Clean - 100kg I started lifting when I was 16 (2001) for about 1 year, no idea what my height or weight was but I remeber i could only rep 50kg on the bench for 8x3, lost interest for weights in YR12 started smoking/drinking/partying. Decided at the start of 2007 after seeing some mates of mine start lifting that I was going to get back into it in a big way. At a soft 79kg I was hating what I saw in the mirror, and after seeing how weak I had become after my first weight session I decided to hit it hard. From March to November 2007 I was in the gym 4-5 days per week and running 2 days, kicked the ciggies (well I have a sneaky one now and then) and cut down the booze to minimum. My program was average (as M told me later) but my diet was quite good and by the end of November I was up to around 94kg and looking much bigger and stronger. But then I hit a wall, lost enthusiasm and stopped training until Feb 08 when i started to get back into it. Enter Markos. Started lifting with M sometime in march. Weighing around a 'softer' 93ish only being able to bench 100kg and Deadlift 165, never tried much else. Since then my strength, weight and motivation is progressing like crazy and this thread is designed to document just how far I can take myself. Any comments welcome.
  22. NPR33 (Nick's) Training Log

    Latest injury is a pulled hamstring last Thursday from hill sprints. Got a physio appointment tonight so that should tell me how long I'm off squats and deadlifts for. Very irritated.
  23. NPR33 (Nick's) Training Log

    Bench bar x 20 60x10 80x10 100x10x3 pain free bench! Woohoo! Bent Rows 60x10 100x10x3 shrugs 120x20 chins ss with dips 4 x max flyes ss with side raises 3x10
  24. NPR33 (Nick's) Training Log

    Nah mate it's going great. Still slowly dropping weight while strength goes up. Mondays I feel a but average going from carbs back to fats but that's about it.
  25. NPR33 (Nick's) Training Log

    Squats bar x 20 60x10 100x5 140x3 160x3 180x6 front squats up to 140x3 heaps of ghr's with 10kg and bw some light mil pressing