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  1. Rep system is back!

    Told ya's flyings a top guy! Everybody thinking hes gay into shemale porn! Sheshhh.. give the guy a break! thanks all i got was This post is hidden because you have chosen to ignore posts by Flying180. View it anyway?
  2. things that annoy you

    when you use that pixel car that was just and update use the finished one i made for you
  3. Anybody here?

    no safety fluro vest bit of a cock attitude 8.30 started diggin his own grave
  4. things that annoy you

    Indians and Chinese in Camrys do this all the time where I live, and for those who think that's in some way offensive, understand that I make a point of checking who the knob behind the wheel is. I subscribe to the same mantra; if you lane swap with minimal distance between you and the car behind, you should be pushing it way harder than them or at least get to speed asap. People who lane swap and then slow down need to be prodded with a stick. ^ this is why i have a heap of odd nuts and bolts in my door card - if yelling profanities out the window doesn't work (with no kids around or in the car) i reach down and grab one and peg it at them... works every time trust me. i flick 5 cent coins at them its small enough to not see but makes a hell of alot of noise when it hits there car
  5. s13 silvia wide body

    Hi can i see your vehicle you built? and i got about 400 cars ive built on forza 4
  6. s13 silvia wide body

    came here cause im bored staying for the lols
  7. things that annoy you

    atleast he hasnt got a commodore to swap for one reminds me of a firesport ad where the guy had a wtb s13/180 must have this must have that must have up to date log book servicing
  8. things that annoy you

    bepanthen when people ask what does that tattoo mean to me? nothing, i got it cause it looks f**king awesome and its under my shirt sleeve so i dont get ask that same question all the time when ebay sellers wont reply to questions/messages fine i wont buy from you
  9. s13 silvia wide body

    front bar imo gay rear bar imo no rear bar ever looks good on a s13 gtr wing imo looks out of place but by far the worst is the rear flares 4/10
  10. Hardtuned.net Feedback thread

    lol with the level of maturity on this forum would be funny as hell tho also about long lost uplate members do as dan wpnx7 said google "uplaters"
  11. Hardtuned.net Feedback thread

    lol with the level of maturity on this forum would be funny as hell tho also about long lost uplate members do as dan wpnx7 said google "uplaters"
  12. Epic car fail thread

    We were just at some place called blue bar or something. Lucky cock sounds like an an interesting place lucky coq full of uni bitches
  13. Victoria RWC repair standard

    fix it yourself or pay for the labour
  14. rb25det forward facing plenum

    1 big one for brake master 1 for fuel reg 1 if you have bov and if your running egr shit, lines for them aswell thats it i think
  15. things that annoy you

    there is a whole new level of lowballing tight ass jew *milkshakes* https://www.facebook.com/groups/Driftsales/permalink/354726684627073/ wants free shit, delivered
  16. Forza Motorsport 4

    yeah, was playing it earlier today
  17. CA clutch slave cylinder

    ca/sr same box just different bellhousing repco stock replacement is $16 i think or a hfm 3/4 $44
  18. LED S15 Bonnet Emblem

    diggin up a 3 year old thread
  19. stagea rear subframe to s chassis

    if all else fails i have a non hicas 13 subframe
  20. 180sx drifting spring rates

    8/6 run more psi in tyres
  21. Selling a car Obligations

    no, force transfer it vic roads contact new owner new owner has 30 days to provide rwc or reg is suspended/ cancelled
  22. Couple questions for wheels

    thailand dude every 4x4 has some pimp wheels on
  23. things that annoy you

    You work at an automotive retail chain dont you? I have only ever got out on time twice. My list for that joint. -Customers that come in to buy windscreen shades for someone elses car.(bring the car or have a height measurement, if not GTFO) -People with expensive late model cars that head straight for the 20w-50 and flat out refuse to buy the correct oil because its more expensive. -People trying to buy shades front side windows so they dont get burnt whilst driving.(its illegal, deal with it.) -People returning stuff after i distinctly remember them ignoring me when i asked them for help earlier that day. -People that dont bring in paint codes for us to mix paint. -People that clearly should not own a car, owning a car.(maintain it, dont complain to me when it f**ks up.... im not your mechanic im a salesman) -People that ask me if i will change/fit stuff for them(again not a mechanic) -People who dont know what year their car is. and a few more(my fingers hurt from typing.) Dont get me wrong though i enjoy my job, but when you get 6 of each at least once an hour you start to lose fath in humanity. dont forget how many people think they drive a vl cause thats what it says on there rego sticker
  24. bonnet clearance issues....

    with that you then get front sway bar clearance issues with the sump hanging really low
  25. things that annoy you

    Where in Thailand are you? We were drinking as soon as we woke up. We would go down to the deli down the road and buy those big cans of heinikens to start the day off. Definately no 5pm wait for drinks lol The other 2 i agree with plus the bad smell im in like north east suburbs of bangkok supermarkets and 7/11 wont sell you alchoal before 5pm