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  1. nah not goin until i get my new brake pads and rotors machined, the sound my brakes make make me feel bad like im torturing the car.

    sorry ive forgotten your name

  2. congrats on the win this weekend

  3. dis kent watarudoin long time no see

    u comin tonight?

    do a skid for the little kiddies :P

  4. does anyone type anything here or read this

  5. na i havent

    wana take me

  6. nah cbf 3 hours there and 3 hours back in a hatchi

  7. wats on at winton this sunday?

    wana take me?

  8. hey loser stop being a loser :P

  9. post whore stop posting in super old threads

  10. goose stalkin me

  11. do u have the plates BIG MAK?

  12. goose

    lol im bored it 2.40am

  13. dont become a post whore

  14. lol awesome dp

  15. stef is on a fat....omg

  16. Interests

    Cars, diffing and motorbikes

    explain wat diffing is haha

  17. ni hao ma shouldnt u bee at work and not lookin at the west meet threads

  18. you fail at makin build up threads

  19. lol awesome username (Y)

  20. all her threads are pretty awesome

  21. was mznsmo trying to run me on the freeway and sunshine ave ??? :P

  22. mad i can comment myself

    arnt i cool lol :P