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  1. things that annoy you

    4 restraunts have closed down from that spot gonna speak to a solicitor
  2. things that annoy you

    Sorry to hear, sounds a bit suss to me mate, think about how much a fridge weighs, and that thing just "fell" on your car! Somebody knows what happened... its on wheels if it's nobody's fridge, then it must be hard garbage. take it, sell it, partially fund repairs to car... i asked the cop that and his like you cant take something thats not yours without premission from the owner even if it is at the back of the restraunt with the rubbish
  3. things that annoy you

    yeah owner said its not his, its been there for a day im like its on your property and you knew about it, move it or secure it dennies everything call the cops make a report and cops do nothing unless he says its his fridge his not responsable for it
  4. Forza Horizon

    i got the ferrari one need a 6mill aston for the 5 most expensive cars then race all over the world reach level 50 car affiny and complete events list (27.4% atm)
  5. things that annoy you

    when a fridge falls on your car outside a restraunt but no one is responsable for it or the damage to my car
  6. Forza Horizon

    only got like a week to do 4 more achievements in forza 4
  7. Epic car fail thread

  8. need some help with people with knowledge

    buy the widest, lowest offset wheels you can afford then make the guards cover them
  9. S13 RB

    good luck finding a 30 bottom end in the states but if you do try and get one out of a vl a9 motor http://rb30det.info/attachments/049_RB30_DOHC.pdf
  10. things that annoy you

    another ebay one when something is local but dont allow pick up
  11. Signiture

    click on your profile edit content or something top right corner signiture is on the side
  12. Hey All!

    whalecum killer intro love it
  13. Forza Horizon

    my receipt on the top $10 deposit and i put $30 once a month when i was at the westpac 2 stores down
  14. things that annoy you

    when cops cant tell the difference between a S and a 5 and now i have to prove i have my security license
  15. will hydraulic e brake fit in stock 180sx

    stretched cables? disk over machined over time? get the gk tech handbrake pulley thing?
  16. Forza Horizon

    hand it over if you want im trying to do the 5 most expensive cars and all ferrari achievements need about 27mill
  17. things that annoy you

    cyclist, rego and tac charges cyclist want equal rights and own lanes on the road, pay for it
  18. Forza Horizon

    pre ordered months ago got 5 achievements left on forza 4
  19. n/a TALK <<

    so much room for activitys
  20. the Black Engine Bay Masters!

    theres a mighty car mods vid where they put a fmic on a s15 cant remember what brand it is but they tell you in the video and keep the foggies
  21. Stuff you got picked for

    i got stoped at a booze bus once and then they wanted me to pull over chirped over to the side cop asks whats wrong with my car so i point at the abs light on dash he then says doesnt sound good, id get that checked out
  22. Epic car fail thread

    car got posted awhile ago props to being different but supra lights on a sil dont work
  23. Rim help ?

    look on the inside of the rim
  24. things that annoy you

    i get knock off drinks regardless shaving and working on weekends actually just change that to working in general