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  1. Forza Horizon

    You get 500,000cr every time you fill it up ive got like 12mil with the lack of cars in the game, i could probly buy every car in every stock color
  2. ive herd beter come backs from a 12year old posting to see so more lols
  3. Forza Horizon

    yeah i did that too but the race goes for a good 10min i took a toilet break and made a sandwich at about 73% during the race
  4. Forza Horizon

    completed the game with 9hr 53min driving time you get 100xbox points when you beat darius and 5million dollars then prepare for you race him for his ferrari 599xx you litteraly race around the entire map
  5. Forza Horizon

    only the ones you maken not the ones you bought
  6. Forza Horizon

    have you got the 1st thing full what happens when you do
  7. Forza Horizon

    i see your 253,500 and raise you 366,250
  8. Forza Horizon

    playground is awesome king is awesome, its like keepings off, keeping all the other people away from you
  9. Forza Horizon

    orange purple then gold
  10. Forza Horizon

    6hours time driven in game and im 32.4% game progress could of made the game abit longer
  11. Forza Horizon

    will join shortly
  12. Forza Horizon

    the messaging when someone goes pass a speed camera faster then you is getting abit annoying
  13. Laser pointers

    you can get permits to get powerfull ones in some type of gun license, if your a teacher/professor or something or you can buy a module technically its not a pointer, hook it upto a battery and wam bam thank you mam http://dx.com/p/200mw-532nm-green-laser-module-3v-11-9mm-26891
  14. Forza Horizon

    did a solid 7 hours 20 achievements down game feels to easy love the game but so dissapointed in lack of cars no s13,180 or s14 only 86 and supra for toyotas
  15. s15 wheel studs

    12x1.25 thread
  16. You mean like this sort of resonator? pic 7dB is a damn huge difference yeap one of those when i got epa'd it did 98db $30-40 later and a resonator put on 91db
  17. Epic car fail thread

    its probly chaeaper to buy a 4 door 34
  18. i got a 7db difference when i put a resonator on my r31 ^
  19. things that annoy you

    moreland city council and ticket inspectors jam your $141 fine up your ass
  20. S13 Engine Conversion

    how long is a piece of string? condition of motor? power your after? how much psi your gonna run from of the flux capacitor befor the vct lets go?
  21. in-cabin tyre pressure gauge

    mighty car mods
  22. O.C.D

    i have to tap my pockets for phone wallet and keys everytime i go somewhere or leaving i count alot of things for no reason my mate when ever he lie will rub his nose he thinks me and my mates dont know
  23. things that annoy you

    solicitors say its a grey area that there gonna look into because its council property that they lease to the place for parking