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  1. n/a TALK <<

    never tried a digital one but mechanical/ analog ones are pretty damn easy
  2. Server time incorrect

    ahahaha old skool wrestling always make me laugh
  3. things that annoy you

    hand brake cables and ebay
  4. weird noise whilst reversing

    first manual car? its normal
  5. hesitation and lack of power

    cat convertor calls it quits?
  6. things that annoy you

    exaxt same problem today when i got past the fool looked like he was in his 80's
  7. things that annoy you

    i was at amx on the weekend with 2 mates and over herd some guy trying to get a go pro for cheaper sales guy- how much cheaper it is online customer- $20 cheaper sales guy - how much for frieght? customer - uhhh didnt check sales guy - and do you get it then and there as soon as you pay for it? customer - no you have to wait sales guy- and if anythings wrong can you return it? customer- yeah, you need to send it back sales guy- so you need to pay for postage and then wait so why dont you just buy online customer- walks out
  8. s13 problem maybe

    sure its the car not the driver
  9. ive looked at the ebay link twice now and both times i have no idea what v8 is in it weineck 780cui in it? if yes il take out a loan tomorow
  10. medical purposes only and like inmate said, dont like the idea of stoners on the road or at the work place also make the shit not reek so bad
  11. Finding pics of a car.

    have you tried fast4/hot4s facebook page they have all there cover cars on there
  12. Dora THE Explorer - Soarer

    future plans? tuff cruiser? potential drift car? drag? dyno queen? pics?
  13. Calder Park Raceway shutting for good?

    posting for updates doesnt his son a race team or something anyway
  14. SR20DE chugging

    ^what he said do a good service and get some contact cleaner and give the air flow meter a clean
  15. base height coilovers wont adjust

    why cant you drive it? adjust the good side
  16. Defects Funny

    heaps of stupid shit like that happens all the time welcome to owning a import
  17. things that annoy you

    in december theres a vd event on the 15th at winton and a mcqueen day on the 16th at calder
  18. 364 days a year we tell kids not to take stuff from strangers, why do we allow the exception on this day
  19. Need help posting

    why is this in new member intro try posting http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showforum=30
  20. s13 Comfort

    that sorta moula and you want to be comfy id grab a seat and steering wheel
  21. why limit yourself to only those 2 motors 26 25/30 jayz's ls's
  22. Forza Horizon

    im gonna finish off the achievements and sell/trade it
  23. its some sort of sleave/cover over the hot side cooler pipe
  24. Impressing a girl.

    i lol'd im abit drunk tho