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  1. Mirror mounted gauges

    bit to in your face for me
  2. a tut is a tut someone out there will manage to screw something up mcm started off by showing how to instal a pod or how to wash your car
  3. was thinking of wiring stuff unless she wants to do rb conversion guides
  4. do short air intake guide for na members need to extend afm shiz can also do battery relocation with that tutorial wire in gauges / sensors / stereos?
  5. Epic car fail thread

  6. Forza Motorsport 4

    i was gonna get a ps3 just for gt5 but when it came out and was such a let down i got a xbox and been happy with my choice forza to me is a beter game overall + all the apps and shit you get on xbox, you can spend days on xbox without playing a game
  7. i hate that i love gktech solid subframe bushes fit like a glove
  8. Brake master cylinder

  9. Defects Funny

    your plates have to be able to be seen from a 45deg angle
  10. 180SX on L's better engine sound

    wait is your car turbo or non turbo punch your cat then gutter the cat convertor
  11. Brake master cylinder

    saw them last night $99 xmas special
  12. Brake master cylinder

    what model patrol?
  13. s13 silvia side skirts on 180sx? possible?

    skirts the same front end interchange able rear bars no
  14. Metro 2033 for free

    didnt realize it was a computer download, dont play games on my comp GCRE3-PIZPA-JRQIR if anyone wants to use my code
  15. sidewayz suspension

    http://www.ebay.com.au/sch/m.html?_odkw=nissan&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_armrs=1&_ssn=1st-racing&_trksid=p2046732.m570.l1313&_nkw=s13&_sacat=0 so how much sidewayz tax does he put on the exact same supension components
  16. Defects Funny

    drive / own a import?
  17. things that annoy you

    getting added into mass facebook group convos, multiple times while at work
  18. things that annoy you

    when the tv guide lies when my subframe wants to be a pain in the ass and not just go in when "mates" put stickers on your car removing stickers
  19. What is Santa getting you?

    already got my go pro hero 3 silver and waiting for santa to drop off my cage
  20. Defects Funny

    how did you cop a fine if you havent got it yet? did they see you working on it write up a ticket then and there and not hand it too you? yeah they said ill get it in the mail.. if they were there, why didnt they just give you a fine
  21. Defects Funny

    how did you cop a fine if you havent got it yet? did they see you working on it write up a ticket then and there and not hand it too you?
  22. Epic car fail thread

    http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/nissan-180sx-show-car-/150959665370?pt=AU_Cars&hash=item2325e5b0da to bad he doesnt add that it turns heads the other way
  23. things that annoy you

    those glorified taxi drivers in commodores, dont know what there technical name is but they drive around in cars with plates starting with vh a/b/c get back in a yellow ford so i know to keep my distance from your shit driving all these gambling betting sites ads and crap i dont want to gamble on shitty sporting events and when you run out of bread
  24. Want to start a silvia or 180sx project

    no question marks = no questions whats this thread about