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  1. things that annoy you

    also $14.09 international atm withdraw fee f**k you com bank stingy bastards
  2. things that annoy you

    things I don't like about thailand 1.Mosquito's 2.The humidity 3.No alcohol befor 5pm, I had to wait 4mins in the super market befor getting served
  3. Drifting Victoria

    they also have the course at the back
  4. Epic car fail thread

    my mate spoke to him and said he can bring over fiberglass or metal conversion guards Yer the bloke tops has a lot for sale and is willing to help ya out. anychance did you order a diff off him getting ready to send off 6 diffs in the next day or so
  5. Drifting Victoria

    deca days
  6. Epic car fail thread

    my mate spoke to him and said he can bring over fiberglass or metal conversion guards
  7. Epic car fail thread

    Definitely a win. Super-clean, front suits the rear and their attention to detail in the engine/conversion is excellent. Even tranplanted the radiator core support from an S13. I personally like the E30 front-end, but they've done a solid job and it looks decent. its running silvia suspension and shit aswell when looking at it side on facing the sun it looks like a vl for me just change a few things and it would be pretty damn cool i.e get rid of wing, lower it abit the guard to wheel gap is to damn hight and wheels
  8. Epic car fail thread

    not sure if fail
  9. S13 conversion - diff/tailshaft questions

    i thought they are different you can use ca tailshaft for rb swap
  10. Drift - Blade seat rails?

    i used modded stock rails and just need to adjust seating postion for when driving with helmet seat is perfect for me, im a bigger guy
  11. things that annoy you

    these f**king pics / game what ever it is
  12. Brake Booster

    get a gtr one will give a firmer brake feel if / when you go 5 stud
  13. how to squeeze 300rwkw out of my ca

    look up meminto, shogun and mobne's builds they had some crazy ca stuff
  14. things that annoy you

    p plater bmw drivers are just as bad driving mums old daily
  15. Dam Victorians!

    dont hold your breath
  16. Epic car fail thread

    vp actually skates pretty good
  17. coilover spring rates for rb25 in 180sx

    10's on the front and brace/weld your strut towers
  18. car not revving properly

    was gonna say did you close airbox properly cause sounds like what happened to me once
  19. Onevia Conversion

    you want to swap front ends?
  20. 180sx handbrake issue

    so you dont want the drift button anymore? push the tabs back in to keep the spring in its place
  21. is there any honest import car mechanics in melbourne?

    but you need like 4 years of aerospace training to change a rocket cover 1- do it your self 2- if you cant, im sure you got mates that can help 3- if they cant do it im sure they can point you in the right direction
  22. Jap car thieves around Werribee/ point cook area

    ok... i can hear the crickets outside my window
  23. why is there no photos of them old plastic water jubs
  24. Melbourne bound from SYD

    here in melb, we dont like chrome also what area in melb