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  1. JET200 in new TV show

    im not saying andrews car isnt good but i would like to see maybe BARB-7 or LUSHES or even MR WRX in the show IGNITION DVD rocks i own the first 21epps legaly not burnt or downloaded
  2. NEW S13

    it would be easier to tell you if the car is or would be any good if you have more photos but from the pic that you have put up im gonna have to say save up a little more and buy one that rolls
  3. 382kw (497hp) CA18det

    holy cr@p
  4. problems pulling up?

    holy s#!t there huge
  5. some opinions on manual vs auto

    manuals and autos both have there advantages and disadvantages AUTO- great for drags and driving around in the city and stuff but very boring MANUAL-great fun to drive have more control dont lose power through the gear box but if you cant drive manual that good you might hate the stoping and tacking off at trafic lights and driving in the city is pretty bad
  6. can anyone help

    you can try repco or autobahn they have all sorts of stuff like that
  7. sr20 parts in ca18

    hey every one i just wanted to know in a s13 what parts from a sr20 can you put in ca18de (non turbo) because sr parts are easyer to find and are pretty cheap and dont say take out the ca and put in a sr i havent got that much money
  8. NS.COM - Online Java Chat

    i reckon a chat room would be awesome but would it be able to work properly with so many users?
  9. sr20 parts in ca18

    i dont have anything planed its just as i said before sr parts are easier to get
  10. sr20 parts in ca18

    yea sorry i wasnt talking about internal parts like you said what performance parts from a sr can be used on a ca
  11. 500 HP

    well you have a couple of options my pick would be a RX-7 (light very powerfull but not cheap) or you can go towwards the GTR's or a supra. im not sure if you want a jap car or if you just want something with big power light and cheap if you dont care what kind of car i would be looking at a corvette with a LS7 and with the AUS ($) and US($) you can get one pretty cheap Engine Type: V8 Displacement cu in (cc): 427 (7011) Power bhp (kW) at RPM: 505(377) / 6300 Torque lb-ft (Nm) at RPM: 470(637) / 4800 Redline at RPM: 7200 Weight lb (kg): 3132 (1420) Performance Acceleration 0-62 mph s / 100km/h: 3.7 Top Speed mph (km/h): > 198 (> 318)
  12. Nicest Cars on NS.com

    those are some sick rear light and a awesome body kit
  13. The diff between Guts & Balls

    lol wat a pisser
  14. police radio scanner

    if you know any security gaurds or cops they can get you one real cheap and it can pick up all channels / frequencys. i have one and i can pick up the airport,firestation,cops and truckys
  15. Too many k's?

    if theres nothing wrong with the car keep it. i dont understand your situation it seems like your car is working and theres nothing wrong with it and if you do get another car that car could have heaps of problems
  16. comming home one nite my mate was driving his integra doin about 80-90k's go to slow down for the round-a-bout didnt happen we went over it at around 50-60k's the car was a ride off
  17. Who?s Who of NS-Victoria

    Name: Steven J Location: Taykors Lakes (3038) MSN/Email: djpuc@hotmail.com Occupation: Event Staff for Calder Park Daily: 88 s13 ca18de mint green Project: when i get off my P's ca18de out sr20det or rb20 in By steven_s13, shot with RAZRV3x at 2007-10-16
  18. S13 Shopping Spree

    put some pics
  19. Photoshop request

    that looks tuff