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  1. need asian help

    Now right, with me being a full skip right? If I chuck me rice in the microwave from one of them packets. Is it gonna taste shit... if I compare it to good made asian stuff. It's just that shaz is a lazy bitch and I don't want to eat into me VB drinkin time.
  2. Stop delam all over guards.

    We use spray and wipe to clean our cars, that is to get rubber off from slicks though, figure road car tyres would be similar though
  3. Few Q's Regarding Car Setup for Sprint Day

    Kind of a bit late for advice now, but I think the suggestde tyre pressures are slightly off, it's a bit of trial and error, with getting your pressures right, I would initially go out at say 30psi? then as soon as you get in recheck them, I wouldn't want them going much more than 36psi personally
  4. Quicky

    wonder if it is as bad to work on as an E type
  5. SR20 on a diet

    No disrepect intended towards you, but have you actually driven one of these cars before? We have ours down to around the high 400kg mark and with a fairly standard 20 valve it is more than enough, the car is that light that it is fairly difficult to get heat into semi's. It is difficult to lose weight off a motor after the basics are gone, and there is better ways to lose it.. think unsprung mass. and carbon fibre bits and pieces
  6. 350z vs Porsche Caymen

    At work we call caymans gaymans... it's essentially just a hardtop boxster
  7. Facebook V8 over Japs.

    I'm ashamed that DUsty guy shares the same name as me
  8. I think it is more related to everyones um worry about the world going into another GFC, everyones work is dying off too it seems, alot of people I know who work in retail are getting their hours cut etc...
  9. High speed run with whoever took you to pick up the car. smashed 220 in my coon with my old man in front.... cause I'm sick
  10. whats the go with the s13 your brother was building now? Thought thats what the LS was intended for, should be pretty rad Beaumann, will be good for you to be in a reliable car again.
  11. This sounds like a pretty good gig to the right person, shame it isn't a more part time position, then I would be very keen.
  12. pulling box!

    Hye guys, Just wondering how many of you have pulled gearboxes out of R32 GTR's? and how much of a pain in the ass it is? Also recomendations on who can rebuild the transfers on there things? Screw it and while I'm at it, clutch recomendations. Currently thinking nismo coppermix twin plate, but if it is possible to find something as good for a better price, it would be cool.
  13. Mate us the clutch when changing gears
  14. You know what works very well with insurance companies? letters from lawyers :)if you aren't getting a satisfactory result form them, get a l;awyers letter sent to them and then they usually start to play ball with you
  15. All of our race cars (carrera cup) all have no bonnet latch and jsut two bonnet pins