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  1. Autosalon

    the guy who drives the widebody 350z is the prince of calcutta or some sh!t...its on the dvd that comes with the new hot4's
  2. Marques In The Park 2007

    I think you have to be a member to view the pics...
  3. Cruise this friday night?

    I got there at 9.30 (late I know) and no one was there...then I went past manuka and then was having a coffee at cream when everyone cruised through the middle of civic lol
  4. What is 'Team S-Garage'

    Back on topic of this Team S garage, how would one go about joining such a group?
  5. Cruise this friday night?

    I'll probably do a mad drive-by on my way to Manuka...lol
  6. Marques In The Park 2007

    I'm probably going to attend this...dunno where I'll park though, have to see on the day.
  7. Getting act rego? Dickson or ne workshop?

    I was under the impression that you only had to go over the pits if the car had an engineers cert. for something... I might be wrong though
  8. Registered at Last...

    its the fusion alien... It's their mascot. And Street(o)forced, thats a nasty cough you've got there, should see a doctor.
  9. ACT Rides

    Sup guys, I'm a long time browser, first time poster... Name: Shane Ride: 1999 S14 200SX Main Location: Gungahlin Mods: Exterior: vertex bodykit, exedy HD clutch, front mount, exhaust, bov, boost controller, 20 inch Dolce dc-4's, lowered (believe it or not lol) Interior: Pioneer gear all round (splits, tv, rear speakers etc etc), apexi turbo timer, boost gauge Occupation: full time smart arse Year of birth: 1985 Interests: cars, music