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  1. Sa active members role call

    Hey I still pop on every now and then had to reset my password to even sign in 😐 it does appear everything is in Facebook these days but would be good to try organise a catch up in SA and or try and fire up the forums like they use to be just have to get people using it over Facebook. Myself like only a few others do not have Facebook and really miss being able to just jump on NS when I needed some info or was searching for parts etc So once again how about a roll call who is left? seems only thread revivals are spam is the site even still moderated? cheers Bill
  2. anyones engine bay look like this?

    Thats awsome if only your engine would stay that clean oh well ill have to bust out the sham wow and see how i go..
  3. cant believe how much NA s13s were just think wat s15s will be worth ten years from now...
  4. Hills Cruise VI

    PM please mate wants to get his type x out