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  1. bump, updated
  2. Hi guys selling some parts SPL rear arms (camber, toe, traction) $700 new good quality beefy arms selling for $400 R32 passenger seat comes with rail that (basically) fits S13 $150 S14 front brakes dual piston $150 SR20 aircon compressor, came off a type-x been sitting a long time but good condition $100 SR20 blacktop stock ECU $50 SR20 stock Injectors on rail $50 Random coil-over springs $offers located in Brisbane 30mins south west please PM me on here if interested cheers gfunk
  3. The Anime Thread

    Yo guys thought i'd make a thread as ive just started watching "Death Note" and im hooked basically this guy find a book and any name you write in the book, the person dies. here is a proper review: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/review/death-note-gn-1 The only other Anime ive watched was the full Neon Genesis: Evangelion which was one of the best Series ive ever watched! if you havent watched anime before i definatley recommend starting with Evangelion. Basically its about a young boy who is asked to pilot a massive robot and fight "angels" other massive creatures that attack the city what makes it good though is its very deep in terms of relationships between charachters and you learn so much about each person review link: http://www.animecritic.com/evangelion/anr-evangelion.html So yeah after ive watched this season of death note im keen for more, any good series you guys would recommend? ill leave you with a short clip from death note
  4. Hey guys (QLD) about this time last year I got a pretty big speeding fine and elected to have a court hearing about it I still haven't had my summons yet and can't even tell them i'll pay the fine and points until I do get the hearing, its impending doom do you think its been lost? I did call them about it and each person i called told me to call someone else but vaguely remember them saying yes it is in the system.. I had a friend who got a fine not a month before me who had his court date sorted about 6 months ago.. Also Im currently in another commonwealth country, I'm wondering if I should drive around on my QLD license or swap it for the country license.. theres two questions in my head if my QLD one is suspended and I'm driving here will they know? and if I'm using the new license in QLD will they know my QLD one is suspended? Please be a little careful what is discussed here.. P.S. as you can already assume the fine was for total bs -gfunk
  5. Thanks dude that was quite informational, 12-24 months is ages guess I'll wait another year.. What i was wondering is if police here pull me over here lets say Canada and I give them my QLD license which would be suspended if the court thing went through, can they access the Australian database and check if its valid?
  6. **last updated: 8\ 06/ 3015 im currently overseas but can organise my friend to help everyone get parts, please PM me with all queries** Hey Guys I'm parting out my car as I dont have a decent garage to reshell + going overseas. I'm pretty sad about the whole situation. It was crashed at QR just keep that in mind with the parts.. main damage seems to be on the LCA's. Engine, PFC, turbo and loom are sold HSD HR coilovers - i am sending the bent one to be repaired. $900 when i get it back for the full set. 2 SR20 gearboxes available: one came out my car it has slight noise in 3rd gear can can be fiddly on the downshifts unless rev matching $150 one bought as a spare it looks a bit worn $100 R32 GTR front calipers, rotors and AR1M pads $400 S14 front cailpers, FRESH machined rotors $250 Nismo 2way diff with 5 bolt shafts (included) $750 Work CR Kai's 17x9 +17 good tread on two $1000 Whiteline adjustable front swaybar $80 (one side needs new rubbers in the link) SPL rear traction, camber and toe rods cost over 800 new $500 - undamaged. come with magic spanner for easy adjustment Bride brix drivers seat has rips in the usual spots $250 on a rail R32 GTR passenger seat on GTR rail $200 tinted tail lights one has a small crack $120 stock tail lights average condition $20 RS*R japanese cat back exhaust has mid and end muffler, quiet on idle loud at full revs $150 Ultra Racing front fender braces $180 greddy profec B spec 2 in box with all wires and manual $250 never used apexi power intake $70 I bet yours is old and needs replacing I have things like 180sx headlights, bonnet, front guards, front bar, uprights all in average condition $ s13 strut braces $80 each stock ECU $100 stock camshafts $100 stock injectors on rail $100 Nismo 550cc injectors $150 air con compressor (my friend might want this) greddy profec b spec 2 out of my s14 all wires are there no box or manual s14 stock wheels with roadworthy tyres $120 most interior things in average condition $50 the lot R32 GTR wing Bosch 040 fuel pump in cradle, good condition fuel tank $150 HKS F-CON piggyback ECU with piggyback loom $100 Biltz Intercooler core $100 probably more stuff just ask. I also might need a few days to visit the shed/pull something off. Located in Indooroopilly or west end please contact via PM im overseas but will organise sales Cheers Tristan
  7. $500 (they are pretty new) sorry that went with the engine
  8. bump. added more pics and more prices.
  9. How to replace vtc gear.

    Did it recently.. To expand the spanner on camshaft part, you need a big ass spanner... I forget what size but yeah an adjustable one can be too thick to get in there. Also if you have an s14 buy a new chain tensioner the replacement ones have finer adjustment
  10. Quieter exhaust

    Any of the Japanese jasma approved exhausts are just under that 98db limit Also exhaust shops don't charge a fortune, they'll make a catback with two mufflers that still flows well. Cannons are out of fashion!
  11. Taark has these in stock now, FYI
  12. macbook pro help

    Quake live only works on windows So can't be bother installing windows on my machine hmm ok closest you can get is doom3... but yeah if you want to play games install steam the half life/team fortress/portal/counterstrike games are good.........
  13. macbook pro help

    If you wanna go through a lot of trouble you can set up a windows 7 "VM" on your Mac which you can play windows games through Have you tried quake live? http://www.quakelive.com
  14. What seat in s13

    they look good but don't really hold you any better +1 for R32 GTR seats though the rails are a little tricky to bolt in...
  15. Noise canceling earphones

    the ones i linked come with a plane adapter, and yeah you can get adapters off ebay....
  16. Funny story when I bought my s13 the local tyre shop said the same thing and "I'm not letting it leave the workshop until this is fixed" haha
  17. Noise canceling earphones

    my friend did a lot of research 3 months ago and bought this set... so i got a set too.. and yeah they are pretty good. http://headphones.com.au/psingle?productID=920
  18. Hey guys supised I couldn't find a thread on this... theres this (common issue?) where you've got your lights on but when stepping on the brakes one of the 4 tail light lamps cuts out..... I had this problem on my s13 I think it was intermittent, saw 1-2 others do this in the past and the other night I saw it again on this guys s13 and I thought man we gotta fix this shit. I read you occasionally need to sand the contact points and the lights generally have crap groundings but not sure how related that is.. ideas?
  19. Popped main fuse. s14

    sometimes the Narva ones arent a good fit (?) if so you'll have to order one from Nissan.
  20. thanks for the suggestions guys I have a feeling it's not going to be that simple but will double check grounds etc
  21. Yeah the DE+T engines are fine at 12psi can't really push them harder though, still it's fast the high compression gives you heaps of power low down. Don't complicate it with e85..
  22. Stock water temp gauge

    sorry for bumping this old ass thread but is the s14 temp gauge any better? I'm hoping if the engine gets over 95c the gauge will go up.......
  23. I need s14 parts!

    I've got stock wheels w/tread you can borrow when you're ready for RWC.. just pm me when the car is ready.
  24. sup guys my name is Tristan and here is my S13 Onevia, which I've owned just over 6 years. Purchased it when I was 19, the car started off as a CA18DET mostly stock, including an automatic gearbox. I had started learning how to fix cars but was still at the stage where I wouldnt even of known how to do an oil change, all I knew was taking things apart and fixing them was fun, driving fast was fun too. Rough times ahead. Went ahead with the manual conversion (a shop did it, I learnt that shops are dodgy and rip you off) and started learning to drift. My CA18 engine didn't last long and I was soon tasked with replacing it, dropping in the replacement engine was a steep learning curve but got the job done, the engine only lasted a few months though. I then brought a 180SX Type-X halfcut that was fresh from Japan (with SR20 blacktop and HKS GT-SS turbo) and successfully transferred everything in the shell over to my Silvia, it's been running well since. I do almost all the mechaincal work myself with assistance from friends, throughout this thread is basically a diary of the cars development and track action, have a read. ***latest update: crashed, fug.*** last page A few intro shots: 2010 before Onevia panels End of 2010 as a Onevia 2011 2012 its grey and URAS kit. A little ghetto but easy to fix Engine (SR20 Blacktop with HKS 2510) Parts List: Engine (210kw @ wheels) SR20 Blacktop out of a 1998 type-x -Power FC -HKS 2510 turbo (AKA HKS GT-SS) -3" exhaust from the turbo back w/highflow cat -GKTECH Intercooler kit -No blow off valves -Tomei Poncams -Bosch 040 fuel pump -550cc Injectors -Z32 AFM -oil cooler with filter relocation -GKTech rocker arm stoppers -Greddy Profec B spec II boost controller -heavy duty cushion button clutch -stainless intake, apexi pod -oil catch can -battery in boot Suspension & Running Gear -HSD Coilovers -SPL suspension arms -One Piece Tailshaft -Nismo 2 way diff and r33 shaft conversion -Cushion Button clutch custom built by NPC -braided clutch line -Alloy subframe spacers -Non-hicas rear end conversion (swapped hicas subframe for non-hicas one) -5 stud conversion - s14 hubs & LCA's -R32 GTR brake calipers & rotors -QFM AR1M brake pads -S14 brake booster and z32 master cylinder Interior -boost gauge -1 pokemon -haggard MOMO steering wheel -Bride Brix 1.5 drivers seat -R32GTR passenger seat -good alarm system -Heat unit & speakers -still running full interior -sometimes I throw a sub in there and go listen to some beats Exterior -180SX front panels, lights, bonnet etc -Purple paint with Black bonnett and roof battleship grey, black bonnet. -R32 GTR wing (black) -Work Cr-Kai wheels 17x9inch +17 offset -R32 GTR wheels for drift tyres -Front and Rear Strut Braces -Fender braces old and new pics ~2007-2012 Used to have a Veilside kit Track work... starting out: getting better.. these days.. so throught the thread is a log of everything thats happened in the last few years.. thanks for reading gfunk