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  1. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    Pair of rear Tein Super Street coilovers to suit 180/s13/r32, good cond and not knocking - $250 Hks catback exhaust to suit 180sx - sold 0433943034
  2. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    Forsale: Registable 180sx rolling shell with s13 front, not defected has plates ect. No motor, box, brakes and a few interior parts missing. Has sr20 loom and 5 stud rear with a freshly shimmed diff. The car is maroon with a sunroof and has no pannel damage besides the clear coat peeling on the rear. would suit a reshell or track car. SOLD
  3. If this works, i'm going to get fat.
  4. exhaust places

    Go see Michael at Complete exhaust and tell him Josh and Chris sent you. His work is good quality and he doesn't charge out the ass for it.
  5. I would consider going back there for conservative tunes but for highly dilligent tunes I 'll book it in either at Garage 7 or Classic Performance Centre in Hackham. Garage 7 charge reasonable but Classic Performance Cenre charge more, however their tunes are probably one of the best in SA for NIStune. I agree with this 100% I found the Jaustech tune to be good but really conservative and on the safe side... The car made 35kw less than the Morpowa tune that was in it. I checked the pfc hand controller and noticed a fair bit of timing had been taken out of it. The car runs about 5 degrees cooler but it feels alot more slugish and on boost it totally smokes out the road like a diesel motor.. (i've had friends pull over because they couldn't see anything from behind me) lol.. I've heard alot of good things about Allan Engineering, a couple of friends that are making 500kw+ swear by his tunes and they are really happy with them.
  6. I first started visiting this site on and off in 02 and i've been on here for atleast 4 hours every day since 06. The site these days just seems to be about hits, advertising and what that '90% of 20,000,000 hits a month that don't post' think.. The reason why they are here is to read what the '10% of 20,000,000 hits a month from people that do post' are posting and they are the people who make the site what it is. The site updates have just become annoying and sometimes confusing, especially the classified section. I think it's best to stick with 'don't fix it if it isn't broken' but it keeps getting 'fixed' over and over again... As annoying as troll/thrashing threads and posts can be sometimes, they are entertaining, they always have alot of views and people posting. That's what keeps members here. As soon as forums start to become over moderated, members start watching what they are posting, the 'lulz' dies and they leave because it's boring. I'm not saying just let members run wild but just ease up a bit and make the forum about the members, not all about hits and what others think that don't even post. Exactly the same thing happened on another site, we didn't have any mods in the s.a. section and daily thrashings where the best. The site owner started filling it with advertising and interstate mods started deleting everything in the s.a. section then banning everyone, they also got alot more strict in other sections.. A good 60% of the members on that site left in 1 week and started their own site, I know they came on here and spammed this forum at one stage. That s.a. section is now dead and is lucky to get 3 posts a day, it used to be 100+ a day. I think members should be allowed to organise unofficial cruises in the events section again and start meeting each other again. I know once I started meeting members I started visiting the site more often and had alot more intrest in it.
  7. Small Car Sunday

    I went to this one in 05, was on the oval next to Yatala. Can still remember that dragon 180 sitting there bashing limiter for a good 30 seconds each time.. Lol
  8. Barbie and your car

    -does your barbie complain the ride is to rough? Sometimes.. Tyres scrape on the guards if i've got passengers, I tell her it's her fault and it scrapes because she's fat. -does your barbie complain it's to squashy inside? No, but she did say the 'wingy things' that hold you in place on the sides of the front seats remind her of the wings on period pads.. -does your barbie complain that you need to stop speeding? Just goes quiet. -does your barbie love your car? Thinks it's sexy -does your barbie help fund parts for the car? No, she's a jew. -does your barbie want to take control and drive your car? She wont drive it, always says she's too scared to..
  9. Quotes, sayings

    "The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." - Albert Einstein "If you love two people at the same time, choose the second one, because if you really loved the first one you wouldn't have fallen for the second." - Johnny Depp
  10. Spotted a black evo 8? with black rims on mcintire rd around 7:30 tonight, car looked nice.
  11. Tunnel runs