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    motorcycle riding, driving, pushing the limits, fishing, i enjoy spending time with my partner and playing with the dogs, walking along the beach.
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    Nissan Silvia
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    1999 nissan silvia
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    delivery driver, store manager, trainer
  1. Photo of your ride

    heya, why did you get rid of s15, skyline looks hot, how long have you had it?
  2. new upgrade

    where do you want to start??? Engine, suspension, wheels, turbo, What would it mainly be used for and will you be doing track/drift days? I am selling a power fc with hand controller and a Z32 AFM for $1350.00 delivered if you are interested, its got a program in it for a GT3071 turbo and 740cc injectors though so you would have to get it tuned to your car.
  3. If it was a sunday I would definitely go as I work saturdays
  4. stickers ...

    hows bout CHICK TORQUE or not
  5. noob question

    i bought all new stuff including oil pump, hks cams, greddy sprokets, new lifters, greddy valve springs, eagle conrods, ross harmonic balancer, cam chain, 1.2mm MHG, acl race bearings, arp mainstuds and headstuds, trust rockerarm stoppers, etc. thanks guys the car is going in to the mechanics on thursday.
  6. noob question

    i had acl race bearings put in when i done the rebuild, so they need replacing already???
  7. Make and model:1999 s15 Size of engine:2L Modifications to the car:,740cc inj,bosch 044,800 fpr,FMIC,stock manny,boost controller, power fc, cam sprokets set at 0,pistons, conrods,acl bearings,stock crank, rocker arm stoppers,mainstuds, headstuds,1.2mm MHG, Type of turbo: gt3071 Trim of turbo: have to look up Rear Exhaust housing: have to look up When does vehicle begin boost: 2500ish When does vehicle reach full boost and what PSI:4000ish 17psi Does the vehicle have Cams? if so;yes What brand:hks 264 step 2 What lift/duration etc: 11 in/out Max power achieve at what boost:229kw @ 17psi,1.5bar, 648nm torque, going in for power tune thursday, will edit when i get figures back
  8. hi, i had a mate listen to my car the other day and he said it sounds like rod knock, what could be the cause and how do i go about fixing this issue? and how bad is it? the engine has been rebuilt and it is less than 10000km old.

    for all of you girls out there who have a s15 with a six speed box and want to convert to five speed as I am going to do when I find this evergreen money tree,LOL, powertune have a bolt on adapter plate and mounting bracket for the r33 gearboxes, they also have a one piece tailshaft as well which you will need if you are doing the conversion, that will be my next mod along with a clutch kit, do it the same time. They are in fairfield east if anyone is interested. love the No plate bb, pretty in pink,LOL

    my thoughts are if you really want a s15, do you want it stock or do yoiu want to mod it? if you want to mod it save your pennies and wait till you get the car you want and then lash out, I have nearly spent what i paid for it but im keeping it till it or myself dies, which ever happens first, hopefully neither cause i love driving it, and to the question on drivability, well at 17 psi boost it is only tuned to 300hp but it has 678nm of torque and on a stock clutch i have to be gentle, but its still fun. when i get a heavy duty clutch i am going to fully tune it to 25 psi boost and hopefully get 400 horses out of it. since the rebuild it has never seen a power run on the dyno so its going to be interesting.

    you are borderline,lol.

    Im North side brisbane, Albany creek i lived in albany creek like 10 years ago, has it changed much? love bris vegas 10 years ago. lol yeah man iv lived there for almost that... where u at now? im south of the border now, nsw, i had lived in lawnton, bray park, strathpine, warner, clear mountain, and hendra, oh and canungra and oxenford, clear mountain was da bomb, right on top of the mountain across the road from the health lodge, 270 degree views, nice twisties up there, just beware of the 25km bend if you ever drive up there. you could say i get around,lol.

    hey bree, hows the car, did you get it all sorted?

    Im North side brisbane, Albany creek i lived in albany creek like 10 years ago, has it changed much? love bris vegas

    Just curious to see where everyone lives cause from the sounds of things you are either in Victoria or northern/western suburbs of Sydney. maybe that way we could organise cruises a lot better I live in Wollongong