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  1. for sale add is invisible

    My username is 180bsss, i stuffed up when i copied the link too, wasn't supposed to thave the www at the start http://classifieds.nissansilvia.com/index.php?t=2126567&view=advert That should be the add
  2. 1990 Nissan Infiniti - $5,000

    Make : NISSAN INFINITI Transmission : Kilometres : 140000 Price : $5,000 Condition : Used Selling car for a friend but it is at my house. VH45DE Quad cam V8 230KW 400Nm torque White Leather interior, full electric including seats, steering colum and sun roof, Active Suspension, digital climate control For sale is a '90 Infiniti Q45, auto. It comes with factory sunroof electric seats, mirrors, steering collum as well as hydralic "active" suspension. This car is an awesome car to drive, comfy, cruzie,good handling and plenty of power. The main things needing fixing is the digital climate control has a lose power conection on the back, passenger side mirror is snapped of, rear passenger side power window needs fixing and both rear struts are leaking. Comes with standard rims, not ones in photo. Needs some tlc. $5000 ono some swaps may be considered. Contact Todd on 0418 128 786
  3. s13 odometer not working

    Cheers psi, i was hoping to avoid changing it as my cluster only has 76k on it but if it has to be done it has to be done
  4. Hey all, the odometer and trip meter has just stopped working on my ca18 manual S13. Everything else on the dash still works including the tacho... Anyone had this before? Any hints on where to start looking for problems? Cheers in advance.
  5. Its was a Honda Acty Truck but it still doesn't make any sense....
  6. Registering Problem

    Hi. My cousin is trying to register with NS but it wont let him. He has tryed the register form but it just keeps returning to the top of the page with no error messages. I sent him an invite from my account but when he clicks on the link it comes up saying that the link was invalid and if he copy and pasted, make sure to get the whole link, even though he clicked on it. Cheers

    I think that was me, well my car driven by my cousin anyway....

    Many thanks to Mark and Jules, had an awesome time. Vixen: Your Rolla rocks hard!
  9. WTF is this?

    Cheers guys. good to know its not needed. Ill rip it out so there is nothing they can pick on. Thanks
  10. Hey all, My mate and i are getting his s13 (Manual SR20DE)ready for regency and came across this in the engine bay. It has 2 vacume hoses on it, one goung to the intake pipe just before the TB and the one was blanked off with a screw. It was just wrapped around a pipe... is it important or can we just take the thing out because at the moment it just looks a little suss... Cheers
  11. Blown CA18det Bottom end?

    Thanks for the ideas guys, I'll get under the car after work tomorrow and check the mount. fingers crossed. I checked the oil level when i pulled over and it was a couple of mil off full still. I dont have a oil pressure guage but should be able to get my hands on one over the weekend. What kind of pressure levels should i be looking at? I pulled over as soon as the noise started and it went straight on a car trailer so hopefully the damage, whatever it is, isn't too bad. Thanks again. I'll be checking the lot.
  12. I was driving on the freeway today and my engine developed a knock realy quickly, as in within 500m it went from nothing to sounding like someone was hitting the block with a hammer. The car sounds fine on idle, maybe a slight tick but it has done that for the past 2 years, almost un-noticable but once it gets to about 2k rpm it gets a realy loud knock. the knock apears a second or 2 after the revs come up so if you give it a little quick poke on the accelerator it sounds fine. I'm guessing its either a piston or bottom end. Anyone have ideas on what i should check first? The car is bacicly standard except for a T25G turbo. Thanks for any ideas if anyone has any. I like the CA's and would prefer to keep it so dont bother with the "just drop an SR in it", if it comes to it i'll just get another CA. (prepares for flames...) Cheers Duane
  13. stripper music

    Where is all the Pussy at - Doctor Um510 http://www.triplejunearthed.com/Artists/View.aspx?artistid=28683
  14. stripper music

    Funk = original xxx music
  15. Parkway drive tickets 4 Adelaide

    i have one ticket, my ex aint going anymore so contact me asap before anyone else takes it pm sent...