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    Any chance of rear brake shoes for a JZA80 supra tt?
  2. any original ns.coms still here?

    I'm still here...gosh...things sure have changed...
  3. some awesome JDM BMX footage

    Errrrm...what JDM about that? its chinese FFS!!
  4. Does anyone here work at Kenworth?

    Gadget1382 has been there for the past 2+ years...
  5. Hamilton gets car impounded

    Great...i can now put a face to that ****....
  6. smokey on highway patrol

    Great...more hype for the guy...

    Cool...i was just thinking of doing this for my house...good that there will be no curries involved...will send email...
  8. S15 Injector question

    Thanks mate, Thats all i need to know. Cheers.
  9. S15 Injector question

    So the NA and turbo ones are the same colour? Is that what you're saying? or are you referring to the turbo ones?
  10. Hi guys, Got a quick question about s15 sr20 injectors. Can someone tell me what colour the sr20de injectors off an s15 are? I know the 480cc turbo ones are brownish/maroon. Cheers.
  11. Spoke to you ages ago regarding A1RMs for the supra 4 pot calipers...are these available now by any chance? i know a fair few from the supra community waiting for them...
  12. Yeah...a normal one would fit...but all normal ones are for high mount turbos whereas i'm trying to get a custom one made to low mount a single...
  13. Its for my supra...i am considering 6boost but i'd like more options as my needs are pretty specific...and its easier having someone in melbourne too...
  14. Its said in the original post...its for a 2JZ-GTE...i can't comment on how custom it has to be but it doesn't have to be too complicated and doesn't have to be tuned length...
  15. Hey fellas, I'm looking into the possibility of getting a custom turbo exhaust manifold made up and was wondering if you had any suggestions as to where to go...engine is a 2JZ-GTE and need a place in melbourne... Cheers...