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  1. Why is this here?

    Course you should never run a boost gauge off your Fuel Reg vac line. Its the same when people run a boost gauge from their brake booster line. You just dont do it.
  2. NGK platium plugs..s15

  3. NGK platium plugs..s15

    .9mm is the standard gap for ur sr20, but if ur running 14psi or so, then gap it to .8mm. Ive run .9mm on iridiums and then .8mm on coppers, the coppers run so much smoother. IMHO (flame me if u wish, but there are alot of quick cars out there that are using common copper plugs), just use $12 a set copper NGK's gapped at .8mm. Replace them every 10,000kms. They provide a stronger spark and are some $48 cheaper a set.
  4. I usually swear at it, and polish my vice grips and it always comes off 4th go or so!
  5. Just use largemulti grips if u cant use or find an appropriate oil filter remover. Also u can smack a screwdriver thru it and then turn it like that.
  6. HELP

    Forget the standard boost controller, just hook the line from the wastegate to the hole in the cooler piping. U will only get standard boost though (6psi)
  7. Standard s15 bov trick

    The stock bov is prone to leaking, plugging up the little hole within the bov prevents leaking and obviously brings boost on stronger and quicker because the bov doesnt open up from vacuum signal alone. I personally am not running a bov at all , due to me being too lazy put back the stock recirc bov! YNOTSX, If u want flutter that is close to the ones that VLT's have, then just unplug the vacuum line from the top of the stock bov and put a screw or something in that vacuum line so u can idle properly. Flutter away. Also flutter or compressor surge DOESNT force the turbine to spin backwards, my brothers car has been on an dyno and in no way can u see the turbine spin backwards or stall as some ppl think it does! LowRollaBoy38025.8320601852
  8. Short Shifter s14a??

    Nah i didnt say short shifters will KILL ur syncros, but they would wear them out premeturely. Well u all know that mashing gears will do the same, so really it doesnt matter in the short term. oh and do B&M make short shifters for the s13/14 range of boxes now??? I thought B&M were purely for Auto transmissions. LowRollaBoy38025.7386111111
  9. Standard s15 bov trick

    Calvin, Gocch WORD! Bovs are nothing but a waste of money. The only system that i would put a bov on that is if i were to be running huge boost, and if i were runnning an gas research TB setup, only for the fact that im suspect on the one way valves the LPG carb uses!! U dun want dat LPG to explode in ur cooler lol. Ive been running bovless in all my turbo cars, and no probs. I put up the argument/proof again, which is: RB30ET, E15T, CA18DET, FJ20ET, etc run bovless from factory. Some of these engines are well over 15 years old and STILL running fine. Poor grade oil and overboosting is the main killer of turbos, not runnning BOVless!
  10. Short Shifter s14a??

    Do u even know what sychros do? Quickshifting or installing a shortshifter wears them out quicker because they have less time to match watever gear your putting it into. Im 6ft 4" and find the s14 gearshift normal... i dont see how u hit ur elbow on anything??????? It is harder if u have longer arms, but not that awekward.
  11. Exhaust Pops

    No u wont be 'wasting' petrol, as its only on gearchanges that u run momentarily rich and get backfires and popping. The fix is to put back ur recirc BOV.
  12. Exhaust Pops

    When u block the bov, u obviously get flutter, but the air rushing back thru the AFM means that it reads the air as a double reading, which is why it runs temporarily rich on gearchanges, just as u would if u ran an atmo venting bov. You wont stuff ur A/F ratios, i have no Bov and have dynod my car about 3 times this past year and my AF ratios are fine.
  13. How much boost can i run 200sx

    Even a bosch040/44 will lean out at close to 180rwkw. My friends both leaned out theres on their S13 Sr20det/t28 combos at 1 bar. One was dynod at BMT and another at RacePace. Most pumps wont flow their max LPH at 12v anyways. t28 specs: http://www.srswap.com/html/info/faq_specs.htm http://www.pandablue.com/nissansilvia/foru...ID=795&PN=1 LowRollaBoy38023.300775463
  14. Pods are perfectly legal in Vic. They must be non oiled and secured firmly, and the pod must be the only intake mod. Ie: cant run a pod with an aftermarket FMIC without proper Emissions cert.
  15. How much boost can i run 200sx

    Invest in an $180 Walbro highflow Pump from ebay first. But 12psi should be fine, just dont push it too hard on hot days (obviously).