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  1. Teh silbeer is for sale

    So after sitting in my backyard for the past two years, I have decided to pull the plug and sell up. Moving to Perth and really can't justify the work and money it will take to get it over there and really don't have anywhere to put it once I get it there. So if you are interested, send me a PM or a SMS on 0448 822 784. Chasing around $15k.
  2. Bit of a warning for people going all out with their fuel systems, if you get a foam filled fuel cell, make sure the foam can handle e85 as some brands of cell the foam turns to sludge when you use e85
  3. S13 Brick Headlights

    I have a pair in Adelaide, perfect condition. Chasing $400 MSG me if you want pics 0448 822 784
  4. Toyota 86 - How does it stack up?

    Went in to get the lux serviced today and asked some questions about these, salesman told me straight up that there is a 12-18 month waiting list... Don't think I'll be trading in anytime soon!
  5. Fabrication Pics Thread

    Did my first "proper" weld in about six years when building the stand for my bender. Pretty happy with how it turned out.
  6. Teh silbeer is for sale

    So it has been about 7 months since I last updated this thread. Not a whole lot has been happening due to lack of cash and other commitments. Now however, I have finally started getting some work done on the car and hopefully I will be able to start all my fab work for the latest incarnation of the car. I pretty much finished stripping out the interior, I have bought and built a stand for a JD2 model three tube bender. Bought a cheap chinese mig, to get some practice with before I spend the money on a decent one and I have got my hands on a couple of random bits and pieces for my fuel system. I also have a heap of stuff that is for sale, if you are interested in any of it pm me or msg me on 0448 822 784 Interior after stripping All the wiring from the interior, this will be stripped down to the bare essentials and put back in Some of the junk I have for sale
  7. T56 is an absolute pain in the ass setup (in general, not just on 2j) the clutch slave cylinder in the bell housing is probably the biggest head f##k set up I've ever tried to use! Having said that, the braided line kits with the remote bleeder do help a lot. You might try the Tremic TKO, I'm not sure what price range these go for but I have heard they are reasonably easy to get on to gen 3s, so theoretically they should go on 2j with an adaptor, or wait for the price of holingers to drop when V8 Supercars stop using them (might even be able to find a secondhand one cheapish). Other than that, you MIGHT be able to find someone who could knock up an adaptor for a Z32/RB25 box to fit. You might even look into the Toyota 4WD gearbox range, they should pretty strong, you just need an adaptor and a way to remove the transfer case.
  8. s13 to s15 dash conversion

    Have a look at these videos, they should help you a bit. There used to be an article on doing it but I cant find it. http://www.youtube.com/user/memintoca18
  9. exhaust expansion chamber

    I run a Moonface "expansion chamber front pipe" but it is mainly there to tuck the exhaust up so I don't crush it on a ripple strip or something. The front pipe You can see that it tucks up above the bottom of the chassis rail
  10. The roof of a day care center. Woke up with two women screaming at me...
  11. Satan.

    And more chance of it all bending or cracking if an engine mount snaps etc... Silicone is there for more than good looks...
  12. r35 afm fit to s13 etc

    I think the real question would be, how much is a R35 AFM worth? Cos if its more than $2-300 (I suspect more like $4-500 brand new), I cant really see the value in it... especially if the fuel eco gains aren't massive...
  13. Sr20 *THUD*

    had this same issue with a series 5 rx7... so defs worth a look.
  14. S13 rims fouling.

    Had this probloem with 33 GTR rims and dodge old tein coils, the fix is as simple as a 5mm slip on spacer. You can get these for 2/5ths of f**k all at any decent importer/wrecker.
  15. FAIL FAB

    That is actually how people used to create thier lumpy cams etc... You dont just 'apply weld' to the cam though, there is a lot of grinding and smoothing after the cam lobes are welded, and the welds have to be extremely good. Its called a "re-grind"... look it up.