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    Waved to a blue S14a along Benowa Rd.. Was in the onevia
  2. I read the title, then read that you created said thread.. I caught on
  3. Show Your Daily?

    1000cc of pure power!
  4. phoneworthy qld

    Even if someone can help you out, they're not going to post up here.. //thread
  5. What do you look like?

    Myself being boss with my friend Amanda!
  6. Loving it. Tasteful, nothing over the top.. Dishonour

    Do it yourself!!! ^^
  8. Yep, you read it.. Our freshly designed UNC stickers are now available for you to pre-order!! All stickers are 25.5cm x 5.5cm, and are on a high grade vinyl with a 7 year laminate so they wont warp, peel or fade! $7 each, or 4 for $20!! All inclusive of postage! How to order? Either email me; Keish@ hardtuned.net or text 0410907961 With the design number, the quantity your chasing and your delivery address. I will then send you through our bank details and send them off as soon as it clears! You don't even have to wait long, like other fancy pre-order things. The stickers are being made as you read this, so I'll be posting by the end of the week! Good stuff right? Right! Keish

    The 180 goes in for a front tub, weld in cage and a spot and seam weld on the rest of the bad girl next week!
  10. Stickers are now available to order!

    No worries Chris! Come touge tomorrow night?
  11. UNC's option aero s13 & S12

    Can't wait until this is wrapped in the fresh new colour
  12. Now P Plate - S13 N/A

    Loving this build! It's good to see a handful of tasteful P-plate s13's in the works
  13. Longboarding

    It's unfortunate you've let them ruin it for you.. I see them. I know what your saying. I'd rather enjoy it for what it's worth.
  14. Longboarding

    I've had a long board for years.. Coming from a surfing background, it kinda fits. Back when I was a grom, getting to the beach in the morning was on the longboard.. Try skating 5km on your basic skateboard. Not only is it a bumpy, ppain in the ass skate, but it takes twice aslong. Harris. I also have a shorter board. It's the same length as your 'normal' skateboard, but a completely different shape. Carving and sliding is great fun! Watch Lords of Dogtown and you'll get the jist of what I'm going on about!
  15. Longboarding

    Haha, sorry chief! I've currently got 3' Globe job.. Stiffer bushings and softer wheels.. Used to have an old school original sector 9.. Like proper mal spec. 4' long and what not. That said, my current daily is a Suzuki Carry, so running with the board is no drama. Mind you, when I had the 32, the board still found it's way in there, and when I get the 180 on the road, I'd imagine it will be a similar story!
  16. Longboarding


    I'm pretty sure I have A rear pod lying around somewhere.. If I can find it, it's yours!
  18. Things to do before you die.

    End of the day, all I really want is to be totally unafraid and totally satisfied with myself... but I guess, this isn't a 'what do you want out of life' thread -Road trip California into Mexico -Surf the west coast of Mexico -Regain my passion for riding. Travel the world over again with my bike. -Be in a very successful position, where money is no object, but still retain my values and happiness.. -Find the right girl -Travel the world with said girl -Start a family -Build UNC into a motorsport team, but still keep the close-net club side of things. -A house in Spain, Mexico, Southern France and Canada -A world tour with my best mates -Travel Japan -Base Jump -Make sure the old girl is happy, and help her fulfill any remaining dreams she may have -Spend 6 months on a remote tropical island -Most of all, be happy with whatever it is that I do!
  19. Who on NS rides?

    Mastered backies in the pit.... Hmm.. Now to find to courage to box it..
  20. rambling

    You forgot your offset! http://www.hardtunedstore.com/product/offset-learn-it-tee

    Holy Pineapple The!

    Pricing on SCR - Pro for R32 front, SCR Pure Plus 6 for R33 rear please
  23. Best fashions

    What, cut off jeans? Or the fact that they're bright f**king purple and skin tight?
  24. rambling

    Mate... Just relax.
  25. Stickers are now available to order!

    Stickers are ready! http://unitednissanclub.blogspot.com/2011/03/stickers-are-ready-and-available.html