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  1. Party on the hill?

    Date clash for I aswell
  2. World time attack.

  3. ZIP-TIES!

    After fixing Logies snapped Throttle Cable with a hand of Zip-ties last night, it got me thinking,what are the most insane breakages other people have been able to fix with Zip-ties? Managed to beat a Throttle Cable? Shoot me through a photo! I want to see what you have managed to repair! The most ingenious patch up will WIN 10 FREE UNC STICKERS! All photos will be added to the blog aswell, so stay posted!!! www.unitednissanclub.blogspot.com Keish@hardtuned.net!!!
  4. Who on NS rides?

    The spec list can be seen HERE I know what you mean about the prices.. This little rig set me back just over $800!!! But then again, the way fuel prices are going at the moment, it will only be a couple of months until it has payed for itself. I'd been looking around for quiet awhile, even had my eye on an FGFS aswell, but stumbled across this when I had to duck down to a LBS for a few parts for my hardtail.. Had a ride, and fell inlove!
  5. Who on NS rides?

    Fixie time for me!
  6. I missed the bucks, and I missed the wedding... FFFFFUUUUUUUU I'm off to the corner now.. That said, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your hooneymoon photos on FB look amazing so far. I hope you two are 'enjoying' yourselves:quagmire:
  7. rambling

    And again http://unitednissanclub.blogspot.com/2011/04/clintons-edna-s15.html
  8. Stolen AE71

    Just a shout out for my friend Kyle. His AE71 Corolla was stolen from out front of his place in Nerang last night (22.02.11).. A very clean example of a Corolla.. White, meshed wheels on the rear with Longchamps on the front, 'unique' pig pipes and a Super Glory sticker on the rear window. I don't have all that much information, but I hope this helps! Any word, call either me 0410907961 or Kyle 0408478410
  9. rambling

    http://unitednissanclub.blogspot.com/2011/04/pubesmobile.html Blog updated!!!
  10. The actual door lines are completely different.. You look and the 15 door, it has a nice curve through, then a bit sharper at the top whereas the 14 is flat.. Maybe find the owner of the red 15 and get some details on the build?
  11. Guys of UnitedNissan

    Ahhhh, the memories... Ping Ping..
  12. QLD Raceway victim of robbery

    It's a shame people get around and do shit like this. Being a victim of theft before, it does hurt.

    Price me up buttercup..

    Type x Sileighty along Ferry Road at 8am today, and sat in front of a bright yellow Cefiro coming out of Cambpell onto Ashmore Road around midday aswell!
  15. I swear I've seen them at my local Coles. If I did, we can work something out

    Weld in cage gets started tomorrow
  17. Fibreglass guards

    General Traffic Police tend to miss the whole fiberglass guard thing, unless they really know what they're talking about. That said, a friend of mine was done by D.O.T for fb guards just last week..
  18. What do you look like?

    Needs more girl Obligatory pic...
  19. Fibreglass guards

  20. 25th April Meet - Get your cars out!

    Now now ladies..
  21. Dubstep? Drum N Bass? Anyone into it?

    Dubstep meets metalcore.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnV6T691tsE