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  1. Ahh haha, yea that one kinda went down in NS history didn’t it.
  2. Don’t think the local economy in Redcliffe is exactly gangbusters. You would probably have better luck at larger companies where the scale kinda makes an apprentice more valuable. I would say to try get yourself on some public transport to widen your options. Good luck!
  3. Remember how good the up-late / random threads were back in the day. I tried searching for them but couldn’t find the good ones, they got restarted a number of times if I remember correctly.
  4. help remove turbo timer s15

    Got any pics? Depends how it is wired in, but you could probably just pull it out and tape up the wires and that’s it. Surely there is a connector on the back or something you could unplug to see what happens?
  5. So what happens if you manually wind up the problematic side? I’m guessing it resets to the issue once you turn lights on again?
  6. Yea you are probably going to have to buy the entire plastic section below the cluster. Pretty hard to find these parts separately these days, they aren’t worth anything so people just chuck em, I have been trying to find plastic steering wheel trim for years now and I can get it without purchasing the entire wheel
  7. 10" NPC Clutch

    You probably wont be able to see ant cracks on the spot welds when you don’t have the pedal engaged and the welds pretty much just split apart. However push down on the clutch and the entire bracket will bend like a banana if the welds are blown. Fun fact - Replacing the bracket is a surprisingly painful. Good luck.
  8. Short(er) car stands

    Unfortunately I can’t help; but kinda interested why you are after short car stands?
  9. Evening all, My 180sx type X has had the ABS light illuminated for some time now, I finally got around to sussing it out today. I have checked both fuses which are fine, and attempted to pull fault codes off the ecu using nistune software and a consult cable. The problem is no fault codes are being recorded, and I have absolutely no idea where to go from here. Any ideas?? Thanks, nitsab.
  10. Hey guys, Just thought I would see if anyone else is going to japs Nats this month?
  11. Epic Type X part out

    Don't happen to have the standard type x steering wheel do you?
  12. Hey man, sorry I have been AWOL for a while. Just sent you a pm, would be good to park up with another NS guy. Who are holding holding the happy laps and how can I get in on it ha.
  13. Yea i believe there is a show and shine with happy laps, first in best dressed in these morning for spots.
  14. Wrecked rear end crash 96 180sx type X

    Send me a pm if you decide to part out.
  15. Good to see some guys going from here. Time attack is more my thing so I will be going along sat, think it might also be possible to do happy laps so that would be good.
  16. Hey man! It's been ages, I haven't seen anyone in years, so would love to come along for a catch up.
  17. Just wondering if anyone can provide a comparison with re002 v 595rsr v ku36? I have owned both the 595rsr and the ku36 before, and was wondering how the potenza re002 stacks up, specifically on the track? I'm not sure which tyres to buy , ku36 is my preference but have gone up a bit in price. The Bridgestone potenza tyres are super cheap and currently have the buy 3 + 1 free deal, however there are conflicting reports on wether these overheat on the track after a few laps. Or maybe i shouldn't get any of the geese? I have been recommended the hankook rs3, however not sure on prices. Thanks.
  18. Grinding in reverse

    I had this issue recently, took the pads out and it seemed as though pressure wasn't being applied evenly for some reason as one end of the pad was almost worn through and the other end had almost full pad left. This may be for different reasons that your issue though, mine went away when I replaced the pads for new ones.
  19. Hey guys, thanks for all the awesome info. Have since looked into some of these tyres. I am running 17x8 +32 with 15mm spacer, so need to 215/45 on the front to be legal and basically fit. RS3 - apparently they are completely out of stock of virtually anything Archillies 123 - only make them in 235/45 NT01 / 05 - out of stock of 215/45 RE11- these seem way to expensive? Although haven't confirmed a price yet
  20. Desperately need new rear brake pads for the 180, went to buy QFM A1RM pads like I have for the last couple of years but no one has stock? Anyone know whats going on?
  21. QFM A1RM for 180sx no more?

    For future info QFM have db1166 which are an equivalent brake pad, in the car now and working great
  22. Our loved silvias slowly becoming obsolete

    The thing that worries me is how aftermarket and replacement parts are beginning to disappear for the s13. Do to the lack of demand a whole range of parts are no longer being manufactured, slightly less common performance parts are beginning to be hard to find. In another 10 years they will be impossible to find, then what.
  23. QFM A1RM for 180sx no more?

    Keep in mint these pads are also going on stock rotors and callipers, so not exactly pushing the boundaries on my brake setup ha. Not to mention they last ages. I can get a couple of track days and still drive around on the street for a year without them needing replaced.
  24. QFM A1RM for 180sx no more?

    I like them because they work pretty well and as far as I am aware are half the price of project mu and others. Not a rack car, it's my daily, but I do track days when ever I get a chance so they are pretty perfect for my requirements. How much does back orders cost, sure if they have to make it on request it will be more exy than normal.