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  1. kempO power brace

    is this still available or just a one-off??
  2. Front pipe/Dump Pipe for S15?

    If you got money.... go for it man. Your car, your money so definitely it's your choice. We're just here to help a brotha out. But yeah, just don't start a thread bitching about the money you spend and lack of gains you got in return. ...... actually please do start a thread about it.
  3. Here's the background... 2 months ago, I noticed a shudder creeping up on my steering wheel every time I brake anything over 100kph. I asked my mechanic about it and he said it "might" be the rotors but I just got them machined like 5 months ago. I ignored it as it wasn't so bad and since I was gonna get new rims next month, I'll do the whole wheel alignment and balance and maybe that should fix it. Got my new rims, got it aligned and balance about a month ago... it went away. Well that's what I thought... Was driving on M5 for work and it's 110kph there and I felt this shudder again... not much but it's there. Then when I brake it gets more noticeable. Drove on for 10 minutes then it went away??!!!?.. I'm like what the hell??! Struts are fine no leaks... I have whiteline heavy duty swaybars front and rear and a front strut brace fitted about 4 months ago. I do have a slight creaking sound everytime I accelerate... I think PJ said it was my right driveshaft but he said not to worry much about it. Any ideas on what may cause this shudder?... Any input would be great.
  4. Another Bike Learner

    2 of my mates got all our Bike L's at the same time last year around November.... Now we need a bike. I've ridden small 125cc bikes since I was 12 until I was 16... I grew up overseas so yeah, having no license isn't really a biggie... nor a helmet.So I probably got beginner to rusty intermediate skills.... when I took the L's test, it was piss easy. However for my other mate, he hit a barrier (not the cones) twice during the test but still he passed. lol. We're looking for about a month now and our budgets is around the 6k mark.... plus 1k for the gear of course. Our top choices are... Megelli 250r The first release was horrid.... so many issues, like nearly all startup companies. ie: Hyosung. Now they have a second release (red-colored frames) and according to the forums I've searched around.... it was improved overall, now its liquid-cooled and 6 speed to match. Still Carby though... EFI could have been great, escpecially on winter mornings. But at 6k drive away... can't really argue. And it looks hot, really low sitting positon, great for vertically-challenge peeps like myself. The Bad things were the sidestand, which hits the ground prematurely when you lean more than 30degrees... not much on an issue as I dont think I'll be leaning more than 30 degrees. And the odd horn button that get hit everytime you lock the steering left.... not an issue unless you like to turn at full lock all the time. And also the console looks like it came out from a happy meal... it's so small. Kawasaki Ninja Everyone thinks this is the best learner bike evar!!! Re-sale value is great, and that's the reason why I can't find a cheap 2nd hand one.... and all the cheap ones are like at least 300kms away from Sydney and/or the gas tank looks like a pretzel from all the drops... so yeah, kinda difficult. Had a mate who has one and wouldn't let me test drive it eventhough I had my learners as because "he wasn't confident with my skill level" I was riding since I was 12 and like 3 months prior to that I let him test drive my S15 coz he wants to buy one.... And then weeks later only when he was asking S15 questions and needed my help THEN he let me test drive.... was so tempted to drop it on it's side. What a tool. Anyways, enough of my bit$$in... An overall great bike... very fun to ride... very zippy. And has 10 odd years of development to back it up. CBR250 They really awesome... classic looking. But the ones you see around for sale are just plain old and tired looking and for a 15 year old bike it's still 6k... Looking through the forums its the most reliable and cheapest to run.... except when you drop it. But in my books, its certainly not the best looking. Can't say much as I haven't test drove one. VTR250 Looks the goods... very easy to ride and can go fairly quick. One of my fem friends has one and daym they look hot.... I meant the bike of course. but I'm kinda into the sportbike look and nakeds only look hot when it's like got a beefy-ass engine in there to fill the space where the farings should have been and yeah still going for 7k for a 2nd hand unit. Very reliable though... from what the bike forums say. There are other choices out there of course like the Ducati Monster, CB400, Suzuki Gladius, Yamaha FZR600.... all good bikes but unfortunately out of our price range. I just need more opinions from much more experienced riders as I really want to get a bike before October.... coz thats where my L's expires. I need reliability and looks.... as I'll probably stick to it upto my P's so say about 2 - 3 years and it'll be my daily. I don't really need performance as I'm on L's and P's so it's like a 90kph limit for me. And a 250 is a 250... it won't have much. And if you know any good bikes up for grabs as well that's in the 6k range... hook a brother up! And yeah, about insurance... is there like a theft only insurance?... coz the online quotes they have around is just for comprehensive. Thanks guys in advance...
  5. Your car should come with a Like button.
  6. The Android thread

    Heard ICS for SG2 is up for tomorrow... is that for real?... which carrier? or am I just stirring shiz?
  7. The Android thread

    I have a SG2 with Tasker and I have this Task. And I get it to run everytime I lock or unlock my device. I also made a profile which runs every 20 minutes which calls this as well... so it toggle my data on and off. Sort of like Juice defender. If Screen is OFF { CPU powersave 500000, 800000 Mobile Data Toggle Else If Screen is ON { CPU conservative 200000, 1200000 Mobile Data ON }
  8. Stumbled upon this on the Skylines forum.... they even did a group buy. Has anyone done this on their Silvias?... Looks great.... I think. http://www.skylinesa...-universal-lip/
  9. oops... lol. I forgot to click reply from yesterday....
  10. who's S14 is that?... kmaybe hti em' up for advise. The skyline dudes just used the 3M doublesided tape and it worked a treat. But if your bumper has like contours, the contours don't stick that well so they had to use self-taping screws. The skyline forums even has a link to the amazon purchase.
  11. I'm gonna try to search the forums for a how to.... it looks pretty decent.... provided you're careful on speedbumps and hills or you'll rip it to shreds.
  12. Cruize This Friday 9.3.12

    I would love too but how is popo around the route on those times??
  13. Awesome thread, Good Build. Great Car. It's like watching a soap drama.... lol. Organize a cruise?.... for all your thread fans.
  14. NSW Spotted Thread

    Ah there you are bro.... Mang, your car is low low low low.... love it. Thank God you were there, at least there was some excitement in my sleepy drive home.
  15. Eff this... I'm driving a yaris. or a commonhore.
  16. My Philippines Trip

    Night out == Republic. My advise is you guys should book a table so you don't have to line up. When I went, we got the 17,000peso big table ($425) divided 5 way. And pretty much the money you pay is the amount of alcohol that goes with it.... you even have a waiter pouring the drinks for you. It's about 4 bottles of spirirts and 2 jugs of cocktails and 1 bottle of petron, if I remember correctly..... Greenbelt is awesome for shopping and wine and dine.... same goes for MOA. Branded shit cost waaay less. If you want cheap stuff, go Greenhills... where all the fake shit are. lol. Boracay,.. best ever new year for me. Stayed 6 days, drunk at night, and chill on the beach by day.... hired myself a dirtbike so I can go around the island... very difficult when you're hungover.
  17. it looks kinda good on the pictures but how long would it last looking good though. I'm actually thinking of giving it a go..... $25, if it ugly, take it off I guess. Has anyone done it on NS though?
  18. Today Tonight

    bogan p-plater driving mom's car == hoons. bogan p-plater driving mom's car, doing burnouts and smoking/drinking in a petrol station == hoon act. Does that mean we're not gonna be labelled as "hoons" anymore??.... Hicksville town with p-plate rednecks and pensioners that have nothing better to do but to sook on TodayTonight about all their life's miseries. Makes you wish abortion was legal so these kind of people don't propagate anymore.
  19. hook me up yo!... Same situation with TogueR34 been doing support for 7 years as well now. And I was on 70k +super but that company went under so got a interim job at the moment and the pay is too horrible to mention. Need help on how to break-into the BA roles. I'm qualified for it as it's pretty much what I studied for in Uni... but my mistake was to get my foot stuck too long in support.
  20. I'm doing support as well and I'm sick of it. How do you get into BA roles...?... help.
  21. 470 - 500... highway driving 400 - 430.... normal daily granny driving. 350 - 390.... spirited driving. But an S15 doesn't really equate to fuel economy really so yeah...
  22. Epic car fail thread

    I saw this one too... it looks like a filo jeepney. maybe he owned one before. lol.
  23. Aus spec VS jap spec s15

    Went JDM bcoz.... Climate control Headlights are better as the ADM ones have that plastic bit for the parkers which looks like poo. Better power on stock (if it remains stock) AUS ones have the rear reflectors which again looks like poo. And you can get sunroof on JDMs as well.... I did. AUS ones are okay I guess since the first owners are usually old peeps... and you got australian logs books and all. I'm not saying that those logs books are 100% genuine but at least it was logged here. And a good number of ADM examples are clean and stock compared to JDM ones. Again, some JDM examples are clean too if you have the patience to look. On insurance, ADM wins there for sure... around $400 - $500 less.
  24. Which S15 taillight do you like?

    100% agree +1... only wish had money to buy one.
  25. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110782897328&category=33649&_trksid=p5197.c0.m619 Has anyone got these?.... or tried other chinaebay products?...