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  1. kempO power brace

    is this still available or just a one-off??
  2. Front pipe/Dump Pipe for S15?

    If you got money.... go for it man. Your car, your money so definitely it's your choice. We're just here to help a brotha out. But yeah, just don't start a thread bitching about the money you spend and lack of gains you got in return. ...... actually please do start a thread about it.
  3. Your car should come with a Like button.
  4. The Android thread

    Heard ICS for SG2 is up for tomorrow... is that for real?... which carrier? or am I just stirring shiz?
  5. The Android thread

    I have a SG2 with Tasker and I have this Task. And I get it to run everytime I lock or unlock my device. I also made a profile which runs every 20 minutes which calls this as well... so it toggle my data on and off. Sort of like Juice defender. If Screen is OFF { CPU powersave 500000, 800000 Mobile Data Toggle Else If Screen is ON { CPU conservative 200000, 1200000 Mobile Data ON }
  6. oops... lol. I forgot to click reply from yesterday....
  7. who's S14 is that?... kmaybe hti em' up for advise. The skyline dudes just used the 3M doublesided tape and it worked a treat. But if your bumper has like contours, the contours don't stick that well so they had to use self-taping screws. The skyline forums even has a link to the amazon purchase.
  8. I'm gonna try to search the forums for a how to.... it looks pretty decent.... provided you're careful on speedbumps and hills or you'll rip it to shreds.
  9. Cruize This Friday 9.3.12

    I would love too but how is popo around the route on those times??
  10. Awesome thread, Good Build. Great Car. It's like watching a soap drama.... lol. Organize a cruise?.... for all your thread fans.
  11. NSW Spotted Thread

    Ah there you are bro.... Mang, your car is low low low low.... love it. Thank God you were there, at least there was some excitement in my sleepy drive home.
  12. Eff this... I'm driving a yaris. or a commonhore.
  13. My Philippines Trip

    Night out == Republic. My advise is you guys should book a table so you don't have to line up. When I went, we got the 17,000peso big table ($425) divided 5 way. And pretty much the money you pay is the amount of alcohol that goes with it.... you even have a waiter pouring the drinks for you. It's about 4 bottles of spirirts and 2 jugs of cocktails and 1 bottle of petron, if I remember correctly..... Greenbelt is awesome for shopping and wine and dine.... same goes for MOA. Branded shit cost waaay less. If you want cheap stuff, go Greenhills... where all the fake shit are. lol. Boracay,.. best ever new year for me. Stayed 6 days, drunk at night, and chill on the beach by day.... hired myself a dirtbike so I can go around the island... very difficult when you're hungover.
  14. it looks kinda good on the pictures but how long would it last looking good though. I'm actually thinking of giving it a go..... $25, if it ugly, take it off I guess. Has anyone done it on NS though?
  15. Today Tonight

    bogan p-plater driving mom's car == hoons. bogan p-plater driving mom's car, doing burnouts and smoking/drinking in a petrol station == hoon act. Does that mean we're not gonna be labelled as "hoons" anymore??.... Hicksville town with p-plate rednecks and pensioners that have nothing better to do but to sook on TodayTonight about all their life's miseries. Makes you wish abortion was legal so these kind of people don't propagate anymore.