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  1. D.Stevens Photos

    Cheers guys. The trick now is to keep getting better. Im planning on heading out to some Sprints and hillclimbs if i get the time, so i will add more as I get them.
  2. D.Stevens Photos

    Cheers for the feedback. The Yellow FD, and the silver porche are probaly my favourites out of those. I quite like the ones from below, is a bit different to others you see around, but i get your point, And I haven't done anything but crop a few of them, I need to find a bit more time to play around in photoshop to get better results. Anyway, my next set from the SA Tarmac Rally. All photos now are taken with a canon 550D with the 2 standard lenses. And these are from Rally SA. The first couple at night I had heaps of trouble shooting. I tried to play around with brightness etc to make them OK, but Im still not really happy with them.
  3. Is the stig really Michael?

    I bet for the lap in the Ferrari FXX Schumacher was the Stig. Heikki Kovalinen is also supposed to have been the stig when the Renault F1 car first went round the track.
  4. D.Stevens Photos

    Ive been planning on sharing some of my photos for a while, but only just got round to sorting them all. I will upload them in a couple of groups to make it a bit easier to follow. Any CC, hints, tips or help (I need it) is much appreciated. This first set is from the 2009 Classic Adelaide shot using my old mans Canon 450D and the standard twin lense kit it comes with. ISO is to high in pretty much all of these, but i did not even know what that was last year, but, live and learn.
  5. Cannon Vs. Sigma

    Off point, but what settings were you using in that last shot. I was trying to shoot at the Angaston Super special stage, and was completely botching it. Cheers in advance.
  6. Army reserves

    http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=337519 There is a heap of info in there, read thate. It can get a bit full on, but if you have a fairly flexible life, it can be a lot of fun.
  7. Perhaps off the back of this, see if you can get them to cover your next cruise Tom. Good work on the article.
  8. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    There was metal found in his gear box, it was neccessary, not just for fun. Thats a fact. Theres not a huge amount of doubt that Vettel is favoured by some people at red bull, but they are not going to pull Webber off the front row and put him back in the pack just to help Vettel.
  9. Cams licence

    Im pretty sure there is a thread in the motorsport section with links to the CAMS affliated clubs.
  10. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/84028 I think he might be on drugs. Webber and Hamiltons conversation/hand gestures said it all whilst Button was talking in the post race interview.
  11. Hills Cruise VI

    It was the cop sitting in Crafers who just stood there, and waited for the cruise group to arrive stepped out and pulled over an r33 (i think) when we were all just rolling through at the speed limit. Really put me off so i just bailed onto the freeway and went home, didn't really want to go through every town hoping not to get pulled over. But good on TOM3CH for organising it, hes one of the only guys around willing to put in the time and effort to do something like this. Hopefully for the next one, people will decide to drive sensibly to the meet point and we can avoid the trouble.
  12. Hills Cruise VI

    Bailed after the meet point. Looks like regency will be busy for the next few weeks.
  13. Ruptured fuel tank

    Finally, someone with some sense... ...because we know that WD40 won't fix it, thus duct tape must! Wait. no one mentioned zip ties yet.
  14. Hills Cruise VI

    Im in for sure, send a PM my way.
  15. Who organises track days in SA?

    I know you probably will but keep us updated in the Autoslalom, that sounds like a bit of fun.