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  1. Introduce Yourself

    Name: Jane Nickname: J, Janey Where I live: Southern Adelaide Suburbs What I do for a living: Real Estate Property Manager What I drive: Boosted AU Falcon, 180sx on defect Mods/future plans: Not too sure yet, getting the 180 off defect is the first task! Dream Car: M35 stagea Interests: cars, drift, my boyfriend and puppy.. pm to contact me
  2. D1 Grand Prix 2006 for PS2

    Hi i just wanted to offer anyone who is interested in playing the d1gp game that was released last year, but never made it to our shores, ever lol. Anyway i have it, you will need PS2 chipped to play burnt copies, which i have just recently done, i would have posted a pic, but my adobephotoshop no longer works with Vista lol. Send me an email if your interested-gmans6@yahoo.com.au Will sell for around $25- $30(depending/orders) incl postage. Will send a pic if you need, comes with printed cover and printed cd. Cover has picture of the YUKES subaru. This is not a scam, my love for drift, have been wanting this game since last year, now i finally have it, so simply would like to share with you. Regards, godarm/boosted6