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  1. Haha I was kinda thinking that, the wheels are a few hours away otherwise I would of found out for myself lol. What size/offset would you guys recommend for that "stanced" look? I know its all personal preference but just getting some sort of idea
  2. Heyy guys. Haven't been on here in ages lol Have a quick question for y'all, just recently purchased a stock 15. Now am chasing some wheels. I have my eyes on some 17x9.5 -3, 17x10.5 -17 roh venturos. Any idea how these are going to fit under stick arches that are lipped? Any help would be awesome Cheers ben
  3. good place to tune turbo'd car ?

    Darren Anderson at southside performance in ulverstone OR Nick Summers at gt garage in hobart. win win!!
  4. Cant decide to keep stock or modify

    Is that your 14 in your dp bud? pretty sure i seen it the other day if so. looks mint
  5. after some 2nd hand coilovers to suit s14, also after some skirts? let me know whats about... cheers benny
  6. Coilover question

    i got rears ya can can buy of me frenchie haha come have a look and see what ya rkn! they still in the car but...
  7. black s13 seeks black 180 ;)

    hey mate i got a black 180 :-) might be keen! got a contact number??
  8. hey just wonderin if u still got 180sx 20mm rear guards, if so how much?? cheers benny
  9. WTB:180sx Factory Guards.

    hey mate got a set of brand new 38mm wide body's! pm me if interested cheers benny
  10. WTB: Cheap kit for my 180

    hey mate i got a pair of wide body fronts, brand new!! make an offer, im from launnie so can arange for a time and place 2 check em out!! pm me if interested
  11. wtb s13 struts/tops

    has anybody got s13 front struts and tops they want taking off their hands? dont need springs...would consider coilovers for the right price too. any help would be awsome cheers benny
  12. Wrecking S13 SR20DE auto silvia

    hay dude, just wonderin if u still got the front struts and struts tops ect...if so what condition r they in and how much u chasing for them? cheers benny
  13. wtb s13 bodykit

    thanks heaps ill give them a call and see what they can sort out!! oh and another thing, rather than starting a new tread...im after some complete front struts...strut tops ect in resonable cond!! dont need springs, also some tie rods/ends! mines all bent haha would consider coliovers 2, if they r in my budget lol cheers benny
  14. wtb s13 bodykit

    just wondering is anyone has cheapish s13 kit they want 2 sell? i ordered one from monkey warehouse but they f**king me around so thorght id try locally any help would be muchy apprecitated cheers benny
  15. WTB S13 struts

    thanks champ