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  1. Hey all, i just got my car back from the tuner and he fixed a number of dodgie done buy another monkey the idiot put a paper gasket between the head n MHG, anyways the tuner told me that he wasne't sure if my motor would be ok with the new power 276 rwkw from 201rwkw adj cam gears 300zx AFM 18psi td06 264 deg. 11.5 mm lift FP - wisco's Fmic Power FC 1.5mm head gasket it was two hours after i got the car back and it stated to over heat and lost power/boost was runnin about 15 not 18. pulled over i thought that it was the water to combustion chamber but not 100%. i let it cool down for a few hours and went back to get it i know that i shouldn't have driven it but i had to and the car was 5 min from the house. After it still started like a treat but i let it sit for 2 months so not game to start it now my question is what is the best way to clean the motor from rust i wiped my finger over the cam lob an it has a slight covering of rust i have never seen this problem b4? i don't want to pull the motor apart with out asking the question first in case the is a simpler solution.. cheers benji
  2. Need Help Blown head gasket

    alrite cheers. i feel a little bit better now hope for the best! well might see u out there benji
  3. hey guys i have just bought a new car it is my first turbo, i am wanting to get it retuned, just wondering if anyone might have a suggestion of where to go or not to go ..! cheers ben
  4. where to get a dyno tune done

    alrite then well thanks for the adivce cheers ben
  5. where to get a dyno tune done

    ohh woops i forgot my bad, its a power fc
  6. where to get a dyno tune done

    i was answering jum - should i take it back to him or try a differen't place i just thought that i would be able to achieve more power that what it has???
  7. 180sx with sr20

    i have just got this car is apprently it has 290 hp at wheels but is was tuned about 10 months ago, by someone down the coast this car has got the setup to run high power but only made 290 on 18 psi i have seen other cars on here with alot more power on less boost !!!! can ne one suggest who might be a good place to get it retuned ??
  8. where to get a dyno tune done

    yea matt down the coast
  9. where to get a dyno tune done

    appreantly matty tuned this car the first time, it made 290 rwhp @18 psi power fc, trust tdo6l2 turbo (forgied) can't spell internals and 740 cc injectors, fuel pump, cooler, differen't afm not sure what can't think of ne thing else but i thought that it might have been able to achieve higher power i has seen other cars on this site with the same work, would the difference be cams?? or adjustible gears n i am in shailer park in brisbane
  10. 180sx with sr20

    ok i have got the info now on it it has a trust = tdo6l2 - 20g Ecu = power fc with handheld and the afm is after-market but not sure what? stock cams thanks for ur time i have posted this in the local section ben
  11. Make and model:180sx rps13 Size of engine:2.0 Modifications to the car: cooler, fuel pump, fpr, 750cc inj, forgied internals, power fc, z32 brakes, hks AFM, POD, cool air Induction, Type of turbo: trust (td0?) Trim of turbo: Rear Exhaust housing: When does vehicle begin boost:3900 When does vehicle reach full boost and what PSI:4500 Does the vehicle have Cams? if so;no What brand: What lift/duration etc:? Max power achieve at what boost:290rwhp @ 18psi
  12. mycar.jpg

    From the album my 180

  13. my 180

    first turbo car