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  1. DOTA 2

    Anyone got an invite for me? I'm desperate to try it out!! Cheers
  2. Make : VOLKSWAGEN BORA Transmission : Kilometres : 136000 Price : $14,500 Condition : Used Over Jap cars? Get a classy Euro with luxury but one that's also a decent drive that handles well with AWD and has decent power to get around town. Maintenance isn't as expensive as you think as cheap parts can be sourced online from the US. Make and model: Volkswagen Bora V6 4motion Year: 2002 Rego: May 31, 2012 but I will pay for another year. RWC: Can arrange depending on price. Transmission: 6-speed manual. Odometer reading: 136,000km. Colour: Black. Interior: Black leather. Note: The black exterior with black leather is the best combo in my opinion and isn't too common. Features: Sunroof, heated leather seats, electric mirrors and windows,JVC DVD single din head unit, etc, etc. 2.8L narrow-angle V6 engine 150kW Haldex AWD system -Regularly serviced as shown in the log book. -Haldex recently replaced and serviced (less than 8000km ago). -Oil and filter change, spark plugs, ignition coils, air filter and cabin filter all changed a few weeks ago. -Recent wheel alignment. Mods: -Smoked side repeaters and headlights -Tinted windows -Badgeless grille -Lowered on KW V1 coilovers (less than 10,000km travelled) -Miro STP-1 wheels *Front: 18x8.5 +30 w/ 225/40/18 Kumho Ecsta KU31 (5mm spacers) *Rear: 18x10 +25 w/ 235/40/18 Kumho Ecsta KU31 (10mm spacers) -Guards rolled and pulled a bit to fit fatter wheels The front tyres have outer wear due to misalignment which has now been corrected. The rear tyres have plenty of life left. The sale will include the stock suspension and stock 16" wheels as well. Also will chuck in a car bra. Price: $14,500ono. $13,500 with the stock wheels. $13,000 with the stock wheels and suspension. Call me to arrange an inspection or ask any questions. Please no time wasters or camel toes. Located in Sunshine, VIC.
  3. is it legal tow car with strap?

    You learn something new everyday. I wish we were allowed to tow someone on a skateboard.
  4. It's on a VW and has a hex shaped plastic cover over the oil filter (supposedly). I've read heaps of guides before doing it because VWs always need weird tools.. Haven't read of any hacks so far. Thanks for the offer, Bry also offered but you're both in the east! Probably I should stop being a cheap ass and buy one, otherwise I'd have to pay for petrol anyways to go to the good ol' East.
  5. Thanks but I found a cheaper one OFFline! Sucks how I work 9-5 so have no time to go so it'll have to wait till the weekend.
  6. Yeah Bunnings only has up to 32mm and I heard Repco is the same. Total Tools has one but that was $38! I'll call up All Tools cheers. EDIT: Just called up and it's $20. Sweet!
  7. Anyone know where I can get a relatively cheapish 36mm socket in Melbourne? It's for my car's oil filter so doesn't need to be heavy duty.. Or are there any kind souls willing to lend me one?
  8. Lets count to 100,000!

    ^^ Is that supposed to be 801? I'm a Network Engineer so this number is awesome for me.
  9. things that annoy you

    Guys in tight jeans, homos. Guys in baggy jeans, wiggers or wannabe gangstas. Guys in regular fitting jeans - homo wiggers. You can't win nowadays.
  10. things that annoy you

    -Fat models and chubby girls that say "real women have curves". My missus is skinny and I'm pretty sure she's real, and hot. No cellulite thanks, not for me. -Israeli people in the middle of shopping centre walkways selling skin care products/Paintball salesmen -Gay people pushing gay marriage and bagging the hell out of religion and government, but get angry when they get called faggots, fudge packers, etc. Political incorrectness goes both ways. -People who like underground bands and hate them when they get famous. -Stupid drivers who don't realise it's a green arrow to turn right at an intersection, and only wake up in time to let themselves through while everyone else gets stuck at the red light. -When I'm a driver, I hate cyclists. When I'm a pedestrian I hate cyclists. When I'm cycling I still hate other cyclists, except for myself as I own the road. -The fact that I have an Asian penis and can't grow proper facial hair.
  11. Milk at work ONLY for tea and coffee

    ROFL coke and piss ftw! Yeah anyways the sign's back up so I just end up buying my own milk now. It only costs me $2 a fortnight so I'm over it now. It also helps that I have a bar fridge right next to my desk so no one else touches it =] It's only for my cereal, and I have water with my protein shakes.. They've got their priorities all wrong.. They can pay for a mobile phone and MacBook Pro for me and not milk. =[
  12. Window tinting

    Got mine done on the weekend for $250. It should've just been $180 for the tints but I had to pay extra to get the old tints removed and he said my car was tricky. I got 18% on the sides and 5% on the rears.. Only thing is the guy is on the Westside, near Highpoint. There's a thread on him somewhere here..
  13. Network Admins

    An old colleague of mine dropped out of high school during year 10 then went to TAFE to study Networking. This guy's a Networking freak and he's under 25 and taking his CCIE exams. Early on he managed to score an interview with Cisco and they flew him up to Sydney for it. He had good experience and the skill, but when he arrived in Sydney they asked what degree he had.. When he told them he didn't have one they told him they couldn't hire him and flew him back to Melbourne. This might be a rare case but take note some companies require a degree. He ended up getting a job at Ericsson without a degree (where I was) and was the best Network Engineer in our team. Ericsson normally only hires grads.. (the pay sucks but travel opportunities were great). I reckon do a degree if you can handle it and afford to, but if you're really skilled you could work your way up easy enough without a degree. Scary thing is that people do lose their jobs nowadays due to the economic climate and if you've worked so hard in one company to get a good position, another company you apply for may not see your experience in the same manner. At least a degree is recognised (inter)nationally and gives you a bigger range of positions when combined with experience.
  14. What gear do you use?

    My setup is mainly just for travelling so has to be light and versatile. Sometimes use it for special occasions. Nikon D90 Nikon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 VRII Sigma 30mm f1.4 I've started using the video recording lately and it looks awesome, although I might upgrade to a D7000 as I need autofocus and an external mic for better quality videos. I'm also looking for a backpack to fit my gear and a MacBook Pro and saw this: http://protog.com.au/large-camera-backpack-bag-dslr-15-laptop-p-156.html Might check it out..
  15. Entourage - Season 8 - The Final Season

    Jeremy Piven (Ari Gold) said that his character has some unfinished business at the end of the series, which leads to a movie. His wife is so much hotter than Dana Gordon. Anyways season 8 sucks. This is like Lost all over again, a good series screwing up at the end due to crappy writing.