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  1. COD: Black Ops 2

    Got it on PC and all servers are super laggy. Seems like everyone is having the same problems (for Australians anyway)
  2. Just got the game tonight, keen to play with some ppl as I'm noob and game seems more fun when teaming up!
  3. documentary junkie?

    Cool doco on Isle of Mann TT http://youtu.be/QldZiR9eQ_0
  4. costs in buying a car from sydney

    I bought my evo in Sydney, flew over there and drove it back. It still had Sydney rego on it and I think you have 30 days or something to change it to SA rego. I took it for an ID inspection which took 10 mins (car was stock) and then they gave me the paperwork to get it registered and get SA plates. Was a few years ago so memory is hazey but it was a fairly easy process. *edit* Also organised insurance before I drove it back with NSW rego then changed it over when I got SA plates
  5. Underbelly- Razor

    Didn't think the first 2 eps were that great...probably worth a watch if you have nothing better to do.
  6. DiRT 3

    What settings are people using with the G25, I've played around with them but my wheel still feels a bit 'loose'. Fun game though, definetly liking the gymkhana.
  7. growin up in the 90s

    I remember Commander Keen 4 and spending more time playing pong on his watch lol
  8. Sunroofs

    yea I had one and basically never used it.
  9. GT5 - Tsukuba Time Attack

    Best time I could get in the 34' GTR is high 52's, tried playing around with suspensions settings but not noticing much difference, it seems getting good speed out of the corners is the key. Oh well will will try some more tonight.
  10. 'The Black Screen Of Death'

    So if you open task manager, then go File: New Task and click on browse then navigate to C:\Windows\System32\rstrui.exe and click Ok. That should open System Restore. Maybe back up important files if possible before you do the system restore. Cheers.
  11. 'The Black Screen Of Death'

    Hi, Pretty sure a similar thing happened with my gf's computer. I found that if I went into task manager, then go File: New task and type in "services.msc" and you can enable some stuff the virus has disabled. Also if you click "browse" you should be able to use Windows Explorer and move some files or find system restore. cheers
  12. PS3 on PC monitor?

    Hey guys, I recently bought an Asus VH222T 21.5" Wide FULL HD LCD Monitor. Specs: -21.5” 16:9 widescreen with 1920×1080 resolution enables borderless Full HD 1080p full-screen video display. -Dual Inputs of D-sub and DVI with HDCP Supported. With the release of GT5 I'm considering getting a PS3, just wondering if a PS3 would work on this monitor? Cheers