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  1. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    Yes I did mean more reviews of your knuckles Greg! lol I was interested in the others drivers thoughts and ideas. I was thinking of moving my rack forward so it was done while the cross member was out and then I can use what ever option I like, however I was worried that moving it would affect the ackermann etc of the knuckles as there are designed to be used with out the rack moved, however I am probably being silly as I suspect that the difference would be minimal
  2. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    Anyone running a relocated steering rack with these knuckles? Any other reviews?
  3. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    OK.... Not meaning to be rude but give us a spill on the GKTECH knuckles, which arms you are running and why and your personal thoughts on what you would set up if doing it from scratch eg rack position, lca length etc..... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!
  4. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    It never ceases to amaze me how people can think of new things when I think I have seen it all! lol just thinkin out loud stewy! Would this be like a chopper that has been raked out? Would the front tyres kind of lean over as they get closer to full lock, reducing the grip and allowing the front to slide/drift with the rear? I will give it more thought at another time when I dont have time to nut it out better! Always keen to hear your ideas Stewy
  5. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    Can we get some feed back from the drivers testing these? The complete setups they are running, which steering arms they prefer and why? Just looking to put up the cash but am still trying to work out what complete set up to run and if and how much to more the rack because I am sure it is going to have an impact on ackerman etc! P.S Well done Greg and co you are da man!
  6. VicDrift Drift Matsuri 2011

    I sent you a pm buddy can you txt me so I know you guys still have a spot for me and the girl friend or not?? Just dont want to leave till I hear back in case there is no room left cause I only live a couple hours away and can head off in the morning! So get back to me will ya buddy? Thanks
  7. Thanks buddy. I was going to maybe grab some ku 36's and use them for the local sprint days also. Which version of the 595's do you run the eg evos, rpm or rsr's?
  8. Hey Simon what size and make of tire you running on the front now? Just getting organised for the weekend at winton and figure I will need order some more tyres!! lol
  9. Forced Induction 350z

    Call Turbo Tune in Adelaide Talk to Micheal he did a 350 in a few steps! The owner was looking for 400kw atw from memory lol. Made a kit with ASE I think
  10. hydro handbrake

    Anyone got feedback on 3/4 or 5/8 size masters for handbrake? I had a search but did not find much real helpful
  11. What size cyclinder does everyone sugggest and why??
  12. Any one got footage of the clowns at winton?

    just keen to see some footage! lol. I only just missed it. If it makes the drivers a little embarresed then I dont care bud! Could have been my kid standing there instead of the trailer! Maybe that would have been "thread worthy"! I think it was totally stupid but since no one got hurt I figure we might as well have a giggle at it. If it helps people realise that the track is for drifting and the pits for driving at walking pace then even better!
  13. I am interested to see if someone has footage of the dicks that did burn outs through the pits at winton on the weekend? Particulaly the one that lost it and ran into Nigel's trailer!?? Lol just figured I would ask I expected to see something on here about it!
  14. Thats exactly what I did! Moved the bin and said stiff we are here now! The reason I bring it up is so other people don't have to put up with crap! Like Nic19 did by the sounds! Well at least organisers are aware of what goes on instead of a shit fight in the future that could be avoided. The reason I "winge" is so we can improve something
  15. I recon a toolbox or wheels at least! The bin was just rude! The tossers tried that too but got the short shift! lol. Especially when you parked unloaded most of your shit! If that was ok what stops me from getting a mate to jog down as soon as the gate opens and "reserving" half the sheds so we can spread out, have a bbq etc! Pull the jack handle out the truck and "unreserve it!" lol