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  1. Hey guys I have an s13 motor I want to install in my s14. What issues might I have? What do I need to change loom wise?
  2. VW Golf R mods

    Problem with most euro cars is performance parts can be expensive. Milltek make good exhausts but it comes at a price. Best to read up on VW watercooled forum and read stuff from Europeans sites
  3. I was surprised! Quick times for moderate power outputs. I guess experience helps
  4. Buying a B4 liberty

    A B4 can be great fun. Find a few you like and test drive them. There will always be one that stands out and goes harder or feels better all round. Don't be afraid to make an offer on something a bit dearer you never know you luck. Try to find something with a good service history and that should reduce the chance of needing to fork out more money on repairs
  5. Subject: Looking for a used car John Clarke & Bryan Dawes. [scene: A car yard. BRYAN is perusing the stock. He is approached by JOHN] John: Morning! Looking for a new car? Bryan: Nope. New Prime Minister, actually. John: You're the third one this morning. Anything in mind? Bryan: You know...... nothing fancy, reliable, economical family model. Something to get the country from A to B. John: You mean like a Howard? Bryan: Yeah...a little Johnny. Nothing flash, does the job. Low maintenance, economical, sensible. Runs for years, no troubles. John: So.... you used to have one? Bryan: Yeah. About 10 years. Great little model - don't know why I got rid of him -- biggest mistake I've ever made. John: What happened? Bryan: Traded him in for a Kevin 07. John: Big mistake. Bryan: Lot of people bought it. Good political mileage. John: How was the Kevin 07? Bryan: Came with a $900 factory rebate - that was good. John: Anything else? Bryan: Not much. Sounded nice but nothing under the bonnet. It was a lemon. John: Didn't stick around for long did it? Bryan: Nah - had a factory recall. Shipped overseas and was never seen again. John: What was the problem? Bryan: Lots. But the final straw was the navigation system. Plug it in and it automatically loses its own way. John: Whatcha got now? Bryan: It's a Gillard-Brown. John: The hybrid? Bryan: Yeah. The Eco-drive system - not a good idea. An engine that can't deliver hooked up to a transmission stuck in permanent reverse. John: Green paintwork with a red interior. And steering that always lurches to the left for no apparent reason - that's the one? Bryan: The Fustercluck model. John: The only one they made, Bryan . Not the vehicle of choice for the road to recovery - but did they finish up fixing the navigation system? Bryan: Made it worse. Turn it on and it does a press release, heads off in all directions and goes nowhere. John: So that's why you're here? Bryan: That's right. I'm stuck with a car that's wasteful, expensive, ineffective and past its use by date. I don't suppose you've heard of the "Cash for Clunkers" scheme? John: Join the queue brother.
  6. Noob with s14

    Car looks good, just need some more low and some dish!
  7. New 180sx owner

    Hey mate welcome to the forum. Looks like you already have a good base to start with so wont take long to get your target
  8. Limits of Built Sr20DET

    Yeah ill be interested to see the results. Im just putting an s14 together with a new motor would be happy to see 240Kw