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  1. Trading sex for WoW Gold NWS

    Oh dear... I play wow.. but really to do that is just sad and degrading.. like its really that important to have a fake flying dragon.. Some people really need to get a life...
  2. Ok now Im home I can post an Image Saleen S7 for me
  3. Rotors or V8s ?

    Hahah Classic!

    That wow video is quite old but its very clever, its amazing how much coordination it takes to do things like that..
  5. Umm from memory.. 300zx 16x9 Supra 17x9.5 Corvette 15x10 (smallest rim with the widest damn tyre you have ever seen) GTR just stock 16's Actually Ive never bought a rim in my life I want to change that on the new Corvette when I pick it up
  6. P plater with more then 1 passanger

    Well yes If I was still on my P's I would really hate the law, but then its hard to argue with facts like matticus is putting out, I think I could handle about any law if it saved lives, especially innocent lives.
  7. Hmm I cant post a pic cause im at Uni But I would say Saleen S7, that viper above is damn sexy though.. there are just too many choices for this and its all personal opinion
  8. Rotors or V8s ?

    ^^^ hmm I like that philosophy
  9. argh Im so old fashoned, I stick to plain alloy or chrome
  10. Lotsa kitties.

    Awwww you know I loves you too baby
  11. Supra Vs Skyline

    1st is true, but dont completly write off a GTst, they can be quick little buggers 2nd is true, The standard lines do look a little lacking (well they are used as taxis in japan) although I find the seats were lacking in shoulder support in the supra, when mine aquaplained my head managed to work its way through the drivers side window (ouch) with the lateral support in my GTR seats that would never have happened. mind you with attessa I would have most probably never aquaplained in the first place in my GTR If you compare the stock figures, a GTR does the 1/4 in 12.9 and the Supra in about 13.9, it has been well documented that an exhaust, filter and boost upgrade gets the GTR well into the low 12's those same upgrades on the supra wont do that, not to mention our supras here have ceramic turbos so its really asking for trouble upping the boost on the now aging car. And your right about that last little point too But I did own both and spend a decent amount of time with them as my daily driver cars.. to be honest I stepped out of a 300zx TT into my Supra, and was instantly dissappointed..
  12. Rotors or V8s ?

    Couldnt have said it better myself +1
  13. Rotors or V8s ?

    ^^ Lol @ seals.. Yeah V8! If I have to listen to one more Souped up Weed Whacker driving down the road, Ill pull my ears off.. not to mention I have heard PLUS know of examples where a V8 Has gone over 1,000,000 Klm's without a rebuild (as I was a member of the corvette Forums when I owned one, 500,000 Miles isnt uncommon), I'd love to see any rotary do that and still be drivable, and in good condition.