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  1. Pokemon x and y

    Anyone on here play pokemon x and y? If so feel free to add me, my friend code is 1478-4231-5228.
  2. HTC One, best looking phone ever made? Reposted

    Phone comes out tomorrow, who here is getting it? I am.
  3. HTC One, best looking phone ever made? Reposted

    You could (like me) want to use your phone as a portable media device. I often carry current seasons of my favourite TV shows, and watch then at a friends etc. I use a portable HDD for stuff like that, didn't come to mind.
  4. HTC One, best looking phone ever made? Reposted

    Gotta have that porn for work toilet wanks.
  5. HTC One, best looking phone ever made? Reposted

    Not taking the piss, but why would you need more then that on a phone?
  6. Anyone here looking forward to this phones release? I myself can't wait, I'm over cheap feeling android phones, my current SGS2 for example. Has to be the best looking phone that's gonna be released this year, I can't see anyone topping it. I also like the fact that they ain't taking to the whole megapixel race, and instead are trying to bring out better sensors. Sadly though, I see this causing them to lose lots of sales because of the whole more megapixels is better bullshit. I'll be upgrading to this phone from my SGS2 this year, can't see the new galaxy matching the build quality of this phone. That's all that matters these days, phones are so powerful, I'd say the difference in performance across all flagships would be very negligible. A list of personal pros and cons. Pros: -Very high build quality -Full metal construction -4.7inch screen, no need to get any bigger -Loud stereo speakers with what they call Boomsound -Being able to use it as a universal remote -4mp Camera with what they call Ultrapixels (because f**k what everyone else is doing) -Just look at it....Wank worthy Cons: -No removable battery -No SD card slot -Screen has no bezel on the sides, so it might not take well to being dropped -Would of liked a bigger battery, probably asking too much though http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUruTjIhiX8 P.S The website shit the bed the first time I tried posting this, and f**ked everything.
  7. The Anime Thread

    A list of some of my favourite anime I've watched. -Death note; must watch for anyone into anime. -Durarara!!; absolutely loved this anime; the soundtrack is pure bliss (my favourite in any anime I've watched). -Black lagoon; Revy.... Enough said. -Code geass; one of the best endings to an anime. -Darker then black; just over half way through and loving it. -Deadman wonderland; short and sweet. -Redline; over the top intergalactic race, with an epic art style. A list of anime I haven't watched yet but want to. - Baccano! - Claymore - Gantz - Ergo Proxy - xxxholic - Samurai Champloo
  8. I knew I was a better driver then everyone else after I done my AMMI skilled drivers course, I'm basically a track weapon waiting to be unleashed, look out whoever is winning motorsport.
  9. Basically got a light scratch about 1/2 length of the car, and wanna know somewhere good I can take it to get fixed. Looks like it could possibly be buffed out. The car is only a year old, the rest of the paint is mint and it kills me to see such a massive scratch on it. Don't care about going down the cheapest route, more so want the best job possible. Cheers
  10. DOTA 2

    I have no problem with that at all, the game is going to be free to play, so they need to have a way to make money from it. If you don't like any of it don't buy anything, simple as that. There are noobs in all games, some people are just more chill about it all, which is fair enough. I have some games where I just can't be f*cked playing seriously and just wanna have abit of fun, and do weird ass builds.
  11. Where can I get this chocolate bar?

    Went to the west lakes lolly shop today, and they did in fact have them there, wasn't alot left after I took some though mind you. No more goats anus for me for the time being. Cheers for that essare.
  12. Where can I get this chocolate bar?

    Nice, off to west lakes tomorrow then to go get some. Is it actually called The lolly shop?
  13. Anyone here know a place in Adelaide that sells the Wonka exceptionals fantabulous fudge bar? I know you can get them in Adelaide, but I don't know where. It has to be best chocolate bar I have ever eaten, and I must need to rekindle this affection. So good infact, I have eaten f**k all chocolate since the last time I had one, because everything else just tasted like a goats anus in comparison. So I way overdue a chocolate fix, and I'm worried I might take up hard drugs as a substitute. Here's a picture for you to fap over.
  14. Samsung Galaxy S III

    It's abit of a let down for me, not to worry though as I'm not due to upgrade till next year. No next gen envy from me.
  15. DOTA 2

    Jesus keep getting sent keys, I have 8 now...