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  1. My fabrication pics

    It is a feature that doesnt immediately stop your welder when you let your finger off the hf button or lift the torch, it lets your amps wind down to zero in an adjustable timeframe
  2. Been waiting for those pics for a while... Looks awesome buddy!!!!
  3. two different rocker covers.. the one in the clutch pic is a sr20v, it will look much better, you wait an see. good looking build going on here, havent been on nissan silvia much of later after getting into the skyline world.. will be coming back quite alot more often now.. on my mazworx plenum i bought i ended up doing quite alot of de-burring.. check your injector holes/bosses out very closely and iacv hole.. have a real close look at it anyways.. good piece of gear though especially for the money
  4. cant wait to see this thing with the new wheels on it.. i know its going to look insane!!
  5. If you're in Brisbane and have a deep pocket go see Craig at extreme custom engineering his work is extremely high quality..
  6. The guards are not everyone cup of tea, but they give me ample of clearance while being unique and difference to the off the shelf stuff and being metal is an extra bonus. The guards has been purposely space out that why they look the way they look on the above pics. definitely my cup of tea love them.. i say f.uck the factory lines!! haha..
  7. what happened to the sidesteps?? they looked the goods
  8. Ant's twin 3076r RB25 R33

    true, are you using a 26 intake manifold adaptor? if so who made it? im looking at doing the same thing in the near future..
  9. Ant's twin 3076r RB25 R33

    car looks the goods man, is that one of those ebay pnt performance plenums? still an rb25?
  10. really liking the new look of the car man, besides the interior but each to they're own.. not a fan of the wheels either but now that they are black it looks awesome.. black dish is the go!!
  11. BENO'S RB26 SIL80

    hellll yess, good work on putting some videos up.. it sounds beautiful and looks it too.. awesome job man.
  12. my type x rig **money pit of speed and tears**

    didnt mean to come across as saying you were copying me at all, sorry man.. i really dont think in the car world you can copy someone, just use other peoples ideas and put your own spin on it.. i've done it plenty of times on my own car and still do it. for example after seeing what is done on your front end and d1c33's im seriously considering chopping mine off (radiator support section) and re'doing it.. actually not considering it, it will be done eventually hahaha.. im glad you got alcons because pretty much anything else wouldn't be good enough to go on your car.. all the money has been spent on everything else so why buy a set of ksports or something like that.. did you buy the whole set brand new btw? if you done mind me asking how much did you pay? wish my front rotors had the fish hooks on them though, might have to get them machined into it.. just doesnt look the part having the fronts slotted and the rears fish hook lol
  13. my type x rig **money pit of speed and tears**

    love the brakes man.. you have very good taste sir!! cant wait to finish mine and get a photo shoot with yours and the's s15.. all s chassis series cars, all white, all badass hahah..
  14. drift monster - rb25 Sil80 Hit and Run

    Tuff AS Fark man....
  15. my type x rig **money pit of speed and tears**

    I'm trying to build it properly with the hope it will still be competitive in a few years time after more people get into circuit work and decide to do up an S-chassis. The car will never be the fastest thing around but being such a basic drivers car, I should learn a fair bit about proper steering. Haven't had a whole lot of track time over the years so need the car to be fast and reliable to compensate for my driving abilities haha. Where its at now is the culmination of years worth of day dreaming after drawing inspiration from some of the most off tap cars around the world in series like WRC and JGTC. Long way to go but its heading in the right direction and I'm committed to see it through till Im happy with it. Overall its about half done thats the right attitude my friend! love your thread too man.. top work, think i might have to sort of copy what you got done on the front end but maybe put my own spin on it cant wait to see your car in person one day im sure pictures do not do it justice..