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    Drift, Drag, Cars (Skylines, Silvias, 180SX's ^-^), Music, Skating, Mates, Photography and Graphic Design.
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  1. Monday Night Socials are back!

    Yeah keen for these to be regular again. And have only seen photos from Duane and Keto and 1 from Charged Images... Yet I saw so many people taking photos? =/
  2. Breafast At QR / Lunch At Lakeside

    Cheers Chris! Loving the first shot with my car in it... See I told ya you would have some nice ones.
  3. Breafast At QR / Lunch At Lakeside

    I've made the albums public on my facebook if you wanna see if your car is there. http://www.facebook.com/lieshiexx
  4. Breafast At QR / Lunch At Lakeside

    Thanks for a great day Bev... Was good fun.. Got some shots to go through that Michael and I have taken.. Will have some posted by tonight.
  5. Damn man... The cars come a long way!! Congrats! I remember when it didn't have much work, was blue and you had the diffuser and wing. Now look at it! Awesome in white too haha. XD
  6. Breafast At QR / Lunch At Lakeside

    Yeh put me down with the 15. Will possibly bring a +1 as passenger.
  7. Put me down for January. I'll make sure I come to this one, without mentioning it to certain people.
  8. Well I'm going blind.. >. I read it four times and still didn't pick up on it.
  9. I'm still trying to figure out what date this is..........
  10. Official Brisbane Monthly Meets

    So whens the next meet gonna be? Been over a good month now. =/
  11. Official Brisbane Monthly Meets

    Was a good little meet up.. And cheers... I figured out a fair bit of what I want since Tuesday night.. Hahahahaha XD
  12. Official Brisbane Monthly Meets

    Hahahaha.. Where it usually is? Along that car park right at the end of West end... I would assume. I will be there
  13. Breakfast @ QR 2

    Put me down. Not sure if I will have a passenger or not.. So just me at this stage.
  14. Don't be hatin if I do this.. Lol... I have a heavy duty button clutch.. Still getting used to it, and sometimes chirp in first when trying to take off. >. High revs are a must for me, until I can learn control with the clutch.. Hahahaha.