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  1. that sucks as im moving to ridleyton in a couple of weeks... will pay attention when im there.
  2. awesome stuff! was pumped to see it at the iga.
  3. Cycling & MTB

    good frame on the yukon! as far as worst stacks go mine is pretty lame. It occurred on walking path (unsealed) along the coast in port lincoln. just came down a short but steep enough down hill section (walking path went to stairs, i got creative and tried to find my own path), ended up catching my left forearm on a star dropper mid turn and ended up with 7 stitches... like i said nothing major but thats my biggest off.... had soo many close calls riding new tracks blind.... love it!
  4. Cycling & MTB

    anyone use gps or other training tools? i use garmin edge 800... great piece of kit. a bit on the pricy side tho... anyone use garmin connect? care to share some rides/routes? edit: and im soo addicted to wiggle.co.uk
  5. Channel Ten Flame Fest

    x2 X3 read the name and didnt expect much from the post (clashing professions) but... hat is well and truly tipped for the quality of your post.
  6. Cycling & MTB

    ride between 70 - 120 km most weeks. 6km per day of that is to work and back. Living in coober pedy has some surprisingly good xc style rides through mining claims. do this on a giant xtc 26" torn at the moment.... in the next 12 months going to move back to adelaide. I am excited because i can re introduce myself to fox creek and eagle park but do i buy a dual sus or road bike... after doing my first proper hills ride about 2 months ago (to woodside and back to town) for the first time in my life i can see the attraction to road bikes...
  7. xbl: CroissantPig mainly play: cod mw3, battlefield 3 and a bit of forza 4
  8. Clipsal 500

    im thinking dr tims... comes in a can and this year they said they are having full strength beer after various complaints lol
  9. new coat.... think this is the one (hard to tell exactly by the pic)
  10. SA RIDES: Your Ride - Post up a pic

    hahaha ill give you that one.... but come on.. its huge... doesn't even fit in the picture...
  11. What do you look like?

    Lol should of had cut off work trousers Pic as required.. me being a spaz and taking a pic instead of recording like I wanted with my camera derrppppp haha could of been good. Was one of a few changes of clothes for the day. hahaha love it when you accidentally have it on video instead of photo... awkward video. just before going to the pub to get some more ice
  12. lol didnt realise what that was until i got to the second line.... gold. Being a copper id say 95% of people tend to stay in their car. That being said i dont believe there is a right or wrong way of handling or behaving when you get pulled over (as far as getting in the car or getting out goes). As general practise i well pretty much ask the driver to get out every time. The main reason being my safety. I do a fair bit of stuff on the highway and solo so getting the drive out and both of us standing on the passenger side of the car makes sense being away from passing traffic. Also if it does happen to be someone a tad on the agro side it takes them out of their car which ensures they arent going to grab something from down the side of the seat etc... From a respect side of it also i like to be at eye level with someone when i am talking to them. I dont want to be looking down at them which can create a feeling of power or insignificance to the driver/member of public. There are enough people out there that give police a bad name without adding to it.
  13. What do you look like?

    me on australia day... incase it was not so obvious.