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  1. DC2R Vs. DC5R

    Combine the best out of both integras .. The Power and torque of the K20a Matched with the factory 6 speed box , In a Light weight chassis which has the more sophisticated, Double wishbone suspension. DC2R (or even a EG Civic) + K20a transplant > All Though 1/2 cuts or packages arn't cheap or easy to come by in Aus.
  2. Domo-kun merchandise

    I thought that was a joke... but..
  3. Domo-kun merchandise

    the poor mans Domo... though , I wouldn't mind having a Domo-kun Phone.
  4. NUMB3RS on channel 10 TONIGHT....

    coudn't help my self...
  5. R33 Hubs are useless.. They wont fit a McPherson Strut.. You should have S14 Hubs , R33/S14 (S14 is longer giving more track and Camber) LCA or S14 Ball Joint , R33 - Rotors , Calipers and Pads. The Mounting holes on the Strut may need to be enlarged on a S13/180sx. Shortened Banjo Bolt , to connect S13 brake line. Master Cylinder Upgrade.
  6. $750 seems to be the going rate for crashed (almost striped bare) 180's..
  7. Clutch Poping is a very effective method to overcome traction..
  8. you have to remember V8 super cars are restricted hard core.. (more so the allow equal footing between Holden and Ford) Control Live Axle (Harrop Engineering) Control Brakes(Alcon) Control GearBox (Hollinger) Minimum Weight 17 x11" Rims 95(?) Octane Fuel 5000cc Max Capacity Pushrod , 2v per cylinder Maximum rev limit of 7500rpm
  9. I still don't think so...
  10. V8 super car designed for racing.. Sequentual Transmission. 600+hp (stock)R34 GTR designed for road use , with occasional track usage. Syncromesh Box 280hp >1500kg do the math V8 super car will destroy a R34 GTR
  11. Im really new to this and i need help

    you sir , butcher the english language..
  12. Im really new to this and i need help

    for what? TV, FM , Digital TV?
  13. Im really new to this and i need help

    You need a car to hide behind?? Just flop it out and walk upto them , or if it comes to it , just get a prositute.
  14. Im really new to this and i need help

    Q's = Atmo = Fail Auto = gay = Fail SR20DET = sik skidz = win 5 speed = clutch popz= win