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  1. gtr rims on 180

    Mind me asking how much you got them for mate? looking at getting a set for my car... yeah 500 bucks with yoko advan tyres(50% tread) which is and absolute bargain, they usually go for bout 600-800 got car back yesturday with new wheels n brakes on and am very happy!! minor scrapage on the front, mainly cause it's so low. raised the back bout 10-15mm the night b4 so not scraping the rear, it would though if i wanted it lower(which i do) will post some pics up tomoz for the ppl that are interested...
  2. gtr rims on 180

    are sil guards wider or something cause there's no way those wheels would fit under a 180 with stock guards?? cheers for the pics too thunderbolt! much appreciated!
  3. gtr rims on 180

    will do mate
  4. gtr rims on 180

    thanks for all your help guys will let u know how it turns out... car go's in tomoz and get it back thurs... pics pics pics!!!
  5. what's the hp rating on the turbo???
  6. meow in all seriousness don't think you'll need spacers, maybe 5mm on front
  7. gtr rims on 180

    hehe yeah lol to the grinder!!
  8. gtr rims on 180

    yeah cool! might have to go to town with the grinder this weekend! hehe how much is guard rolling (professional) and would i need to paint them again? doesn't the paint crack?? was always planning on doing guard work but might be sooner then first thought... anyone got any pics of 32gtr rims(or similar) on 180's?
  9. gtr rims on 180

    the back lip, you know how it curves in about 20mm or so? looks like it might slice into the sidewall abit?
  10. gtr rims on 180

    you reckon? cause i've had the tape measure out and it doesn't look promising... will soon find out though lol
  11. gtr rims on 180

    ahhhh i get yas! just debating whether to play it safe and raise my suspension abit or leave it?? think i'll be right though.
  12. gtr rims on 180

    don't u mean an inch?
  13. gtr rims on 180

    good to here! how low is your sil autobarn?? also what's the offset with the 33gtr rims??
  14. gtr rims on 180

    tyres are yoko advan's 225 wide with 50 profile ride height is very low, still got standard rear upper arms so camber is a fair bit... guessing about -3 degs
  15. hi ppl, just bought a set of r32 gtr rims(16x8, +30 offset) cause i'm just about to do a brake conversion to r32 gts-t brakes. my question is: how will these sit with my stock guards??? mycar is pretty low e.g top of tyres currently sit level with the top edge of the guards all round(looking side on) b4 anyone says do a search i've been looking and found nothing... anyone here put 32gtr rims on a 180??? cheers, ash.