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  1. Avenged Sevenfold Concert

    So whose going to this? I'll be at the Brisbane show was able to get moshing tickets would of sucked being in the seats. I only got into these guys recently but do rather enjoy their music bit more chilled out metal than most stuff I listen to.
  2. Hey All, My clutch master cylinder pin decided to bend and eat shit which I am seriously pissed about cause previously it was problems with the slave then my clutch got cooked and I only just fixed that BS up. To make it simple i need to know if a r32 master will fit in an s14 as a mate has one and claims he ran a r32 master on his old s13 which means it should work on an s14 as the s13 and s14 use the same master just want confirmation.
  3. What is the idea with 500km's at 60kph? Why would doing highway speeds make a big difference?
  4. Guard Pumping/Flaring/Rolling

    What are the specs on your rims ghosty?
  5. Nistune ECU or Cat Back

    Jesus if your gonna get an exhaust don't bother with a cat back get headers at the least with nothing else done or the get the full exhaust done
  6. S15 Turbo

    Yes it's hard and no it's not worth it get an autech
  7. Hey guys recently picked up a bit of a trackhack s14a which has a hi-flowed t28 housing with hks2530 internals. Anyways from what i can gather this turbo still isn't all that big yet it is very laggy up until about 4000 rpm which is a pain in the ass. Theres a few possible reasons that me and mates have discussed and just wondering how many of them are likely to cause it to lag this badly. 1. Sounds like the car has a bit of an exhaust leak 2. Could have a worn out wastegate spring 3. Don't think the Apexi AVCR in it has been setup properly or at all really Do all these seem like they would cause it to lag badly? The car still makes a reasonable amount of boost below 4000 but doesn't really start pulling until it gets up in the revs. The car doesn't have cams in it and has a turbo back exhaust and FMIC.
  8. no room

    Difference is i think the s15 sunroof goes inside the roof lining like in the s13's doesn't it? I just picked up an s14a with sunroof and it pops out above the roof instead and therefore doesn't lower the roof lining nearly as much I'm 198cm and just have head room with a roll cage in be interesting with a helmet lol
  9. Sunroofs

    Had one in the s13 back in the day was nice to have but leaked. After that was against getting one but now the s14a I am picking up has one if it leaks i'm not fussed cause this car isn't being bought for pristine condition just more a track warrior sure itll be fun to muck around with but
  10. Post your height & weight

    Haha man i do. I find i have to be very careful with what i eat if i want to gain weight cause if i have fast burning foods such as high sugar things it actually stuffs me up more
  11. Breakfast @ Lakeside #2

    Love the flames coming out of deans car
  12. Breakfast @ Lakeside #2

    Was definitely an awesome day out there. Really helps you realise how little power matters on a course like that
  13. Breakfast @ Lakeside #2

    Yea sorted it out I am deans +1 my mate is also keen so just put +2 for dean figure that's the easiest way
  14. Post your height & weight

    198cm around 80kg atm was bulking for a bit and slowly got to 81/82 and now it seems to be dropping off again it's annoying lol
  15. Breakfast @ Lakeside #2

    I am very keen for this. I think I may be Dean's +1 so I have texted him to sort that out. Will probably also have another mate keen will let know the go asap