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  1. Looking after gearbox

    Make sure you match the rev range when changing gear in S15 and that's about it.
  2. changing s15 clutch

    you can machine a dual mass but it's sensitive. don't expect them to be as smooth as it was. Nissan DID SAY CANNOT MACHINE DUALMASS flywheel but they did it themselves too simply because (1) they claim they have the right tool (2) and no 40bucks job will either kill your dualmass flywheel or they didn't machine at all
  3. think I broke my 6 speed

    engine mounts are loose/on the way out - get it tightened up and gears will stick in - happened to me when i drove fast in straight line - at 7000rpm in first it would jump out and then tryna go in to 2nd sometimes it would not go in or jump out (ca18det), laterz [/quote engine mount? or gearbox mount?
  4. think I broke my 6 speed

    sorry to hijack the thread anyone know why sometime the gear jump out when going over the ramp little bit faster?
  5. Smoke frm exhaust

    i believe he means after starting the car during the first few minutes of idle there is smoke come out from the zorst. unless it smoke your whole garage otherwise i believe its just some vaporize
  6. S14 Car Rattles

    make sure you don't have left over KFC in your glove box. nah they do shattle a bit, think about the time they have been on the road, hole, hump, thrash, drift, drag, weather hot, cold as long as somethign don't fall off it's a good car.
  7. S15 valve noise

    i think it's the lifter --> hydraulic lash adjuster. i will go chaser today and find out the price, but if benny or brad say it's normal then i will just leave it.
  8. S15 valve noise

    i don't know, mechanic say the valve is a bit worn out, it can be adjust, or just replace the valve, or thicker oil maybe able to eliminate the noise. so i have no idea what's going on..... anyone on here actually put in thicker oil to elimnate some noise from the engine top?
  9. anyone know what's the procedure involve in fixing valve noise? I am not sure if this noise is the common VVT noise we have in S15. when cold it's normal, when hot it seems to get serious. a mechanic say it's normal for a 4 years car with 550000km on clock. but i just can't stand the noise. anyone fix this problem before? roughtly how much for the part? labour? any bad consequences for opening up the block just to fix some noise problem?
  10. gearbox oil change s15

    syntrax? or syntrans?
  11. gearbox oil change s15

    u guys is messing up his mind. did you all use the oil you guys mentioned in "your" S15 or other cars?
  12. i am using S03 at rear 205/55/16, amazing grip, but doesn't last long. if u r just some normal daily driver with few kamikaze run, go for GIII or falken st115. it's not worth the money for s03
  13. anyone know who sells it? or where sells it?
  14. has anyone figure out / know who can hook up turbo timer with S15 immobiliser? i.e arm the car after driving but turbo timer still running till it end?
  15. Turbo timer...

    that's why you need to keep the engine fan blowing..... but the idea of using TT is not to cool the engine down but turbine, and the point is, let the excessive oil burn out. correct me if i am wrong.