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  1. ^Yeah thats a good price for an Arc sidemount. Last time I saw a price for a brand new one they were ALOT more
  2. LENSO Wheels

    I heard they sold a fair bit of Asbestos back in the day too... Gee, you make a comment around here and everyone jumps on it. Adz, get the Lenso's if thats what you really want. I won't be bagging you if you do
  3. Kumho KU36 235/45/17 top tyre for the price.
  4. LENSO Wheels

    I've just got a set of Lenso D1R's. They're selling heaps of them, so they can't be too bad.
  5. Yeah the street radials are street legal but they really are designed for the drags. OOOFFT I've got a set of these tyres but I'm running 205s on a 15x6 inch rim. I think a 255 on a S15 rim (16x6.5 inch) is going to be pushing it, considering the stock tyre size is a 205. These tyres do last a while but like any tyre it depends on how you use them. I've done about 20-25 runs at the drags and they still have heaps of tyre left on em. It doesn't take much to warm them up either, so huge-crowd pleasing burnouts aren't required!!
  6. I think I have deja vu!!! Has anyone else noticed that the picture of this steering wheel is the same picture as one of the other sponsors on this site. Two different sponsors selling the same steering wheel????
  7. Who Carries a Spare Tyre

    The only time my spare comes out of the car is when I'm at the drags. You never know when you might need it on the street.
  8. I've got a ADM S15. The red light next to the dash light dimmer is for the alarm. When you lock the car (and assuming the alarm is on) the light flashes continuously. The light on top of the dash passenger side is for the immobiliser and also flashes when the car is locked.

    Here's my almost stock S15!!!

    Try this mob. www.autodials.co.uk/Saga. They are in England but I bought some gauges of them recently and had no problems. Im sure they'll have to parts you're chasing.
  11. 200 sx Badging

    Hey mate I've got the 'Nissan' and '200sx' badges off my car. Excellent condition, pm me if your interested in buying them.
  12. I've searched but can't find any details on this 'Warning' displayed on my profile. Can a moderator please explain it to me. I've haven't seen other people with it, including other 'noobs'. I'm not in trouble already?
  13. Total Sex on wheels

    Not sure about exterior but I'd love an interior like that!!
  14. JDM s15 exhaust options

    Damn, bit late for me lol!!
  15. JDM s15 exhaust options

    Fark I guess their claims are right cause an S15 comes with like 110 - 120rwkw stock. Unless you have other mods? that is like a 40+ kw improvement Yeah only other mod i've got is blitz panel filter. Dyno was 130rwkw before we put exhaust on so 30kw gain seems ok as Ces claim 46rwkw with K&N pod. And before people start saying the dyno might be out etc I realise that, but I can be 100% confident of the 30kw gain.